50 best small garden ideas


So you don’t have a sprawling lawn or a house surrounded by a manicured area. But what are you do having is a patio, porch, roof, deck, balcony – or even just a window. And even in the smallest of these spaces, you can create a beautiful, peaceful environment that evokes the joy of the outdoors with a range of small garden ideas designed to cleverly and creatively maximize space.

Even on a windowsill or front porch, you can plant a garden of fragrant herbs that are visually appealing and add flavor to your food (while keeping costs down). On a balcony or porch, you can add a compact fountain or other water feature, along with wind chimes, string lights, and a hummingbird feeder to bring sensory delight and charm to your everyday home experience. And if you have even a small outdoor garden, you can turn it into a charming retreat with seating and a shade structure, plus abundant flowers and foliage in pots, on shelves, in hanging baskets, in planters and directly in the ground.

Let these small garden ideas and products inspire you to make the most of your outdoor space (or even the natural light indoors if that’s what you’re working with!) to make your own home the lush paradise. that you deserve. (No green thumb required.)


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