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NOTNutrition and bodybuilding coach Scott Drapeau integrates his diverse life skills into a full-service wellness coaching business called Alliance Athletics Olympia. “I meet people where they are,” says Scott, who is also a massage therapist. He thrives on people’s progress and shares the joy with customers who say, “I can’t believe how strong I am.” One client couldn’t even do an overhead squat in the first meeting. “The body will rise to the challenge we throw at it,” says Scott. He understands that people come with all levels of health and ability.

Alliance Athletics owner Scott Drapeau works with you on eating habits and nutrition. Photo credit: Scott Flag Wellness

Scott believes that optimal health rests on three pillars: nutrition, strength and recovery.

There are many things to consider like the quality of your sleep, your diet, and the behaviors you engage in daily that are essential to your overall health. Alliance Athletics will design a personal program that will fit as easily as possible into your life. The habits you rely on every day add up. “It’s all about consistency,” says Scott. It’s not about buying all kinds of extras or equipment. How you present yourself in life reflects the food you eat, how regularly you move your body, and what you do to recover.

Recently, Alliance Athletics Olympia expanded into a welcoming space in the security building in downtown Olympia. “The atmosphere is conducive to well-being,” says Scott. This is a place to do face-to-face nutritional coaching, where all sessions are handled by appointment only. “Privacy is of the utmost importance,” he confirms. The massage table is also set up. The full gymnasium continues to be maintained at his home. Sessions can be arranged for personal training. “I try to create a physical form that doesn’t shame the body or stigmatize it,” summarizes Scott.

Scott-Drapeau Wellness Gym
You can work with Scott on your nutrition, strength training, and massage from the same person. Alliance Athletics cares about your well-being, safety and health. Photo credit: Scott Flag Wellness

“He makes it simple, straightforward and understands when you’ve had a bad day or a bad week,” says Devi Seward, a satisfied customer. “He is positive and works with you to help you help yourself. I can only recommend Alliance Athletics! And ET is a great LGBTQIA+ ally. I couldn’t ask for more from a human being and even less from a person trainer.

Not too long ago, Scott made some changes to his daily routines. “My daughter was about to be born and I wasn’t at my best,” he recalls. While his father lifted weights focusing on bodybuilding, Scott learned weightlifting, which includes a squat, deadlift, and bench press. “Powerlifting hits all major muscle groups. You can tailor it to a goal, like getting leaner, stronger, more toned, or building muscle. great results and feeling better. “I didn’t have to do two hours of lifting.” He quickly turned his garage into a gym and never looked back.

Scott walks his talk, or maybe you could say he lifts too. He doesn’t just suggest you lift weights, he does that too. Indeed, he participated in a competition that he had not done for two years. Scott was also drawn to competitive weightlifting over bodybuilding because judging is more objective. This is the amount of weight lifted, with no upper limit. Scott was pleased with his results. He squatted 230 kilograms (506 pounds), bench press 145 kilograms (319 pounds) and deadlift 200 kilograms (440 pounds). “I’m 36 and this is the strongest I’ve ever been,” he says. Scott noted that people still compete in their 80s and 90s! That’s exciting.

Massage Scott-Drapeau Wellness Olympia
Scott Drapeau coaches people on many aspects of wellness. Among other talents, he is a weightlifter and enjoys strength training and will design a program to suit you. Photo credit: Scott Flag Wellness

Every moment is a good time to invest in your health and well-being. “It takes about 12 weeks to see the benefits,” advises Scott when working on changes. To that end, Alliance Athletics offers a three-month nutrition and strength training program. You will receive a new program each week to support your change in behavior and eating habits. The strength training component is individualized based on your personal goals, available equipment and whether or not you have access to a gym. Everything is done remotely and can be managed through your phone. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and send videos. Scott will monitor your program and keep you on your way.

“The body is capable of amazing things,” says Scott. He will check with you on your energy level, how your clothes fit, how your training recovery is going. “Exercise is not punishment,” he says, adding, “Exercise should be fun, something you want to do.” The 12 week reboot is $249/month for 3 months. After that, customers can continue on a monthly basis. It is possible to register separately for nutrition and bodybuilding.

Scott-Drapeau Wellness bodybuilding
Wellness coach Scott Drapeau balances his life with his family and his pets. Functional fitness is important for everyday life. Photo credit: Scott Flag Wellness

I hope people know that using weights to improve strength and gain tone is for everyone. Toning is done by building lean muscle and losing body fat, which makes the muscles more widespread. Weightlifting is suitable for women. It helps build bone density. Scott loves the real-world app of getting stronger, like being able to pick up his grandkids. “It’s never too late to start,” encourages Scott. There is a progression for everyone.

Don’t forget that your body will also appreciate a massage. Scott Drapeau Wellness also takes care of that for you. “After years of massaging, Scott has helped soothe/relax my neck more than anyone before,” says Dan Jones. “This is the best sports massage I’ve had in Olympia!”

Let Alliance Athletics support you in your comprehensive health plan. It is a life-changing gift.

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