Astra Lumos comes to Grand Designs Live to discuss luxury lighting design and installation needs


Astra Lumos is coming to Grand Designs Live.

Cotswold- UK-based luxury lighting design and installation company Astra Lumos announces its presence at the award-winning domestic event, Grand Designs Live, at the end of September. James Fielding, Director and the company’s sales manager, will be available at the event for any type of discussion related to the design and installation of lighting for all interior and exterior spaces.

Astra-Lumos is a UK based luxury lighting design and installation company that provides an integrated solution for all of its customers’ electrical needs. They provide both lighting control systems and normally switched themes with custom wiring accessories tailored to customer specific needs and have been in the business since 2014. They have worked on numerous lighting projects interior and exterior such as garden lighting, landscape lighting, lighting of rural estates and listed buildings, whereas specializing in the design of luxury spaces. They mainly work with celebrities and other wealthy people in the UK and around the world, looking for creative space decorations with electrical accessories, audiovisuals and other innovative technologies.

Grand Designs Live is a major event held annually in London and Birmingham for consumers interested in building, renovating and improving homes to provide all the knowledge and inspiration needed to complete their visions for their homes. The event gives attendees access to a wide range of green solutions, the latest technologies and innovative products, as well as more than 500 companies in the sectors of self-build, home improvement, interior decoration and gardening. There is a Ask an expert arena in the event designed for clients to schedule one-on-one consultations with experts in architecture, construction, finance, interior and exterior design, and other fields. Guests also receive passes for events like the UK construction week and Green Living Live involving major projects, home builders, architects and local officials and residents can also interact and collaborate with them with their own ideas.

Those interested in the sectors mentioned above and/or looking to create innovative designs for their homes are invited to make an appointment with James Fielding of Astra Lumos to meet and discuss all plans, ideas and questions at the Grand Designs Live event.

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