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Should he take out unemployment insurance during a mortgage loan?

  The unemployment insurance loan insurance Unemployment insurance is an optional guarantee of a loan insurance contract. It allows the reimbursement of monthly loan payments by the insurer during a period of unemployment of the insured. This guarantee, however, is accessible only to specific borrower profiles and intervenes only during well-defined periods. Although optional, unemployment […]

Buying Property Using Loan

Who of us does not dream about own property? Having our own home or our own flat, we become more independent, although on the other hand, buying a property involves a considerable financial burden. The vast majority of us must use a mortgage loan, which will be in our home expenses for many years. Therefore, […]

Be careful when Over Home Loans. The Guide Is Here

Over house loans are the process of transferring ongoing house installments from old debtors (borrowers) to new debtors. So, someone else will continue to pay off your old home. For example, you have a home mortgage loan with a tenor of 15 years. However, you are only able to pay until the fifth year. Well, […]

University students: loan for merit without guarantees

  All university students residing in Italy are funded without the need for family or personal guarantees, but only a good performance in their studies: this is a new opportunity offered . First initiative of the Impact Fund , as part of its Business Plan for the categories with difficulty in accessing credit, confirms the […]

How to apply for a mortgage loan: here are 3 things to know

A dream that comes true, a home of your own. Requesting funding is the right solution to start this project. Let’s find out together, in this 3-point guide, how to apply for a mortgage. 1. The request In order to proceed with the loan application, it is generally expected that the following information will be […]