Best Floor Lamps: Sleek Designs to Brighten Your Space


a Big Light is an enemy to many. Shockingly unflattering, we’d do almost anything to avoid turning it on, even if it means stumbling around in dim light with only our phone’s torch to light the way.

Yet there is another way to bring a warm ambiance to a home – with a floor lamp.

Choose the right freestanding design and you’ll find that they’re as much a way to light up your home with softer lighting as they are an interesting decorative piece in their own right.

Place them in your favorite nook and sit back in a warm glow as you catch up on your TV or get lost in your latest novel. They are ideal for almost any room in the house: think living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen or hallway.

We’ve collected the most beautiful designs below to make it much easier for you to buy one.

Outdoor Curved Floor Lamp Seletti – Black


For people who like statement design, there’s nothing more whimsical than Seletti’s fun design, a 45-degree bent-back floor lamp. Giving us some serious Singin’-in-the-Rain vibes, the unusual design is destined to be the star of the room it ends up calling home – which could very well be the garden, as it also suits for outdoor use. A simple switch is enough to operate it. Available in grey, green and pink as well as black.

MADE Adrianne Multi Floor Lamp, Green Glass & Brass


Green glass and brass-colored metal combine to form this contemporary floor lamp, as much a decorative element as a lighting tool. The floor switch makes it simple to use – no fiddling around trying to find the controls – and it promises to bring a touch of elegance to hallways, bedrooms and living rooms. Simple and beautiful.

Elements Circle Rechargeable Floor Lamp with Remote


If you’re the type of person who keeps mixing up your interior style, mobility is likely a key factor in your buying decision. The minimalist metal and plastic floor lamp from Dunelm could be the perfect complement: it can be moved wherever a little light is needed thanks to the integrated battery which can be recharged via the USB port. It may be designed for the garden but you are free to use it anywhere, operating it freely with a remote control.

IT’S ABOUT ROMI Cambridge Iron Floor Lamp – Wood/Black

It’s about Romi

Bookish types will be delighted with this floor lamp, which has three shelves, creating a personal library from scratch. Perfect for your reading nook, just make a cup of tea, snuggle up in a blanket and get ready to devour all the titles on your playlist. Also available with a gray shade. It is 168 cm tall and the brand will plant a tree for each lamp sold.

PHILIPS HUE Gradient Signe Floor Lamp – Black


This floor lamp is more than just a light – it’s quite a light show. From the wildly successful Philips Hue range, this Signe model offers beautiful light gradients to help you set the mood. Instant wireless dimming means you can control the light from the start and the slim design will stay unsuspecting in any room – until you turn it on.

If you already have other Philips Hue products around the house, you can control up to 10 lights at once using the brand’s app, and it can also be controlled via Alexa and Google voice commands . All together now – “let there be light”.

MADE Bow, large floor lamp with arc range, copper and white marble


Whether you’re a renter who can’t make permanent changes to the home or don’t want to hire an electrician to change your ceiling light, this spectacularly arched floor lamp (which extends up to 180cm) will make your home The hall’s official Big Light is practically redundant. Sitting on a 38cm round marble base, it offers such a warm pool of light that it is best used above your dining table or above your favorite spot on the sofa.

So’home Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp with Stage Light


Light, camera, action! Bring Hollywood glamor to your interiors with this tripod floor lamp that casts a stage-style spotlight on walls, ceilings and floors. The industrial-looking design is another step towards achieving a chic loft aesthetic. It requires an E27 bulb, which you will need to purchase separately.

Bay Isle Home Dovercourt 155cm Traditional Floor Lamp

Bay Island Home

Bring a little monkey business into the house through your floor lamp with this playful design from Bay Isle Home. Featuring a bamboo-style trunk with a swinging chimpanzee under the shade, it will suit both eclectic and minimalist interiors. Standing 155cm tall on a brass colored base, it is operated with a foot switch.

Anglepoise & Margaret Howell Type 75 Floor Lamp


In some design circles there is only one name to know when it comes to lamps – Anglepoise. The brand is a classic for a reason, with its timeless star of the show design. This iteration was made in partnership with British fashion designer Margaret Howell and comes in hues such as this sienna, as well as a Saxon blue and yellow ochre, giving it an edgy edge.

Dyson Solarcycle Morphe


Also available as a desk lamp, Dyson’s slender Solarcycle Morph lamp brings beautiful natural light to your home with smart daylight tracking. Paired via the Dyson Link home app, it syncs to daylight hours, transforming and adjusting throughout the day, so you’ll get an early morning dawn glow and warm light to mimic evening sunset.

Even if you’re in a basement or a north-facing room with indirect sunlight, you’ll still get the right kind of light for that time of day.

Flip the long-lasting LED bulb back into the holder pipe, and it also becomes an ambient light, with a soft glow that won’t distract you when you’re engrossed in the latest blockbuster.

Buy from John Lewis and a five year warranty is included.


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