Best picnic wine glasses 2022: Plastic and metal designs


Cheers! Summer is here, and so is the Great British Picnic.

But no picnic is complete without a nice refreshing glass of something or other, so we’ve found the best picnic wine glasses for enjoying your favorite drink on the go.

From sophisticated to fun, picnic wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes. Almost all of them are made from plastic, with a few exceptions.

Whether you’re looking for the look of cut glass while enjoying an outdoor theater, or something fabulous and fun, there’s a picnic wine glass for you.

Our advice: check the size of your wine glasses if you plan to take them with you (yes, we know that’s the goal). They have to fit in a bag, and some of these glasses are huge, which is great for getting the party started, less for getting stuck in the cooler bag.

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How we tested

We had the glorious task of testing these goggles. They came with us to festivals and picnics and stayed at home around the garden. We were looking for quality; if we buy plastic, we at least want to know that it will not end up in the landfill on the August bank holiday.

Appearance was also paramount, obviously, and ability. We wanted glasses that were comfortable to hold and drink from – yes, not all of them are. Finally, the washing: did they look a little cloudy and tired after being washed, or were they like new?

The best picnic wine glasses for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Next Green Logan outdoor wine glasses, set of four: £18,
  • The best fun wine glasses – M&S Luster Picnic Wine Glasses, set of four: £15,
  • Best Large Capacity Glass – The White Company Picnic Wine Glass: £10,
  • Best look of cut glass – Lakeland crystal look acrylic wine glasses, set of four: £19.96,
  • The best kitschy wine glass – M&S flamingo picnic wine glasses, set of four: £15,
  • Best Metal Wine Glass – VonShef gold wine glasses, set of two: £19.99,
  • Best champagne flute – Wilko clear plastic champagne flutes, set of four: £9,
  • The best real glass glasses – ProCook Lorenzo wine glasses, set of four: £19,

Next green logan outdoor wine glasses, set of four

Better: Globally

Evaluation: 10/10

We love those big little numbers. They are incredibly durable and look like new wash after wash. The plastic is thick, yes, but the capacity is more modest (something we appreciated when testing), so they didn’t feel ridiculously heavy. The other obvious benefit to this is that they were easy to stick in a picnic basket. The green hue is sleek and the texture of the plastic makes them look like ultra-trendy glass – these didn’t look plastic at all.

M&S Luster Picnic Wine Glasses, Set of Four

Better: Fun wine glasses

Evaluation: 9/10

When we took these bad boys out, everyone made a pleasant “oooh” noise, and other than holding wine, what more do you want than a glass of picnic wine? They hold a lot of liquid – we also used them for the Pimms as they are more than up to the task. At 21cm tall, these aren’t the smallest of wine glasses, but they pack an impact and are a bit of fun. Delightfully, M&S has a whole range to match, so you can go along if you want.

The White Company Picnic Wine Glass

Better: Large capacity glass

Evaluation: 8/10

This wine glass is another cavernous kind but slightly more refined than some of the other tall wine glasses we’ve tried. Made from smooth and strong Tritan, it looks a lot like real glass, but it’s super strong and looks fantastic even after being tossed in the picnic basket. Simple, classic and impressively large, it ticks all our boxes.

Lakeland Crystal Look Acrylic Wine Glasses, Set of Four

Better: Cut glass look

Evaluation: 9/10

If you’re looking for something sophisticated and classic, these wine glasses are for you. Cut glass numbers bring class to a fancy picnic – champers, no cava, thank you. This is one of the smallest picnic wine glasses we’ve tried, but rest assured, they’re still quite large. They’re slightly fluted outward, making them pleasant to drink, and they’re small enough to hold a few bottles of wine in the cooler bag.

M&S Flamingo Picnic Wine Glass, Set of Four

Better: kitsch wine glass

Evaluation: 9/10

We are obsessed with these kitschy wine glasses. They brought us so much joy, even when the British weather lit up our picnic. With a large capacity, they are also ideal for wine and cocktails. Be careful, though, because they’re so big they can be a little dangerous as it’s hard to tell how much you’re actually drinking. They are bulky, so not very easy to lug around with you.

VonShef Gold Wine Glasses, Set of Two

Better: Metal wine glasses

Evaluation: 8/10

If plastic isn’t your thing, how about these metal wine glasses? The golden cups are the same ones used on Love is blind and are surprisingly similar to those of the island of love This year. But even if reality TV isn’t your thing (or should it be “typing on paper”?), these wine glasses are still stylish and practical. They are also finer to drink, easy to clean and relatively light.

Wilko clear plastic champagne flutes, set of four

Better: Champagne flute

Evaluation: 7/10

Want to sparkle with your cucumber sandwiches? Wilko offers you these plastic champagne flutes. We loved being able to still enjoy our bubbles in a flute, even on a picnic. Don’t get me wrong, these flutes aren’t super fancy – the plastic is quite thick – but that makes them durable, and you won’t have to worry about storing them in a bag to take with you. And they have fantastic value for money.

ProCook Lorenzo Wine Glasses, Set of Four

Better: Real glass glasses

Evaluation: 8/10

If you really can’t stomach the idea of ​​drinking wine out of plastic, these ProCook glasses are actually the real deal. But go with them – they’re not for the careless amateur picnicker. However, they are sturdy enough to store in a basket. They wash out brilliantly without clouding and are delicious to drink, although quite thick. We liked the blue tint and the tumbler feel.

The Verdict: Picnic Wine Glasses

We like the sturdy Next bezels, which feel like glass like any we’ve encountered in testing. If you’re looking for something more fun, M&S has you covered with its flamingo tumblers. Club Tropicana, here we come!

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