Best removable wallpapers 2022: Peel and stick designs to spruce up your living space


“Leave no trace” is the rule when it comes to renting, but that little phrase is problematic when you really want to make somewhere feel like home. So if your crisp white surroundings feel a little clinical, don’t worry, we’ve got the remedy. Introducing self-adhesive wallpapers, the cure for your boring walls.

Most self-adhesive wallpapers on the market come in a “peel and stick” form, which is basically one big sticker, although there are some stick-on options. But all come without the dreaded steam and scrape to remove.

Removable wallpaper doesn’t just have to be for your walls; you can easily update your furniture, floors and even your ceiling. Wallpaper can add extra character to an otherwise drab set of drawers, and can be easily removed later if you change your mind – no mess, no fuss. And papering the ceiling, while inducing neck cramps, is perfect for die-hard maximalist fans.

Wherever you decide to put it, we’ve compiled the best removable wallpapers available online.

How we tested

From kitchen cabinets to bathroom walls; our tester spent hours hanging them on various walls and surfaces around the house. We’ve categorized wallpapers based on design, quality and, of course, adhesion.

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The best removable wallpapers for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – Chloe Abstract Peach Green and Gray Wallpaper: £28.75,
  • Best Geometric Style – Hovia improvises a bold black and beige abstract geometric wallpaper: £37,
  • Ideal for chic – Dreaded Dusty Pink and Teal Vintage Tropical Minimalist Wallpaper: £37,
  • Ideal for an original design – Urban Outfitters Bathing Beauties Removable Wallpaper: £11,
  • Ideal for kitchen cabinets – Amazon Self-Adhesive Plastic Self-Adhesive Wallpaper: £7.99,
  • Ideal for recreating a tropical paradise – Dunelm NuWallpaper maui green self-adhesive wallpaper: £19.20,
  • Ideal for a vintage look – Wayfair Sausalito Geometric Roll Wallpaper: £26.99,

Chloé Abstract Peach Green and Gray Wallpaper

Better: Globally

Evaluation: 10/10

The interior design gods bestowed on us the wonderful mural wallpaper, and this one was by far our favorite, largely due to the customizable nature of the paper. It was the only brand we found that offered this kind of customization surface, making it a brilliant option for those with a very specific color scheme in mind – and you can play designer too!

Chloe’s design is more of a mural than a wallpaper, and was a total sight once in place. You can also enter the exact dimensions of your walls, which means that no part of the design has been overlooked. The quality was fantastic and the overall effect on the wall was worth the higher price.

Hovia improvises a bold black and beige abstract geometric wallpaper

Better: Geometric style

Evaluation: 9/10

It’s not wallpaper, it’s art. The bold geometric shapes of this paper make it the focal point of any room – perfect for those who like to make a statement with their interior. Its design is both retro and modern. But it’s not all style and substance, as it has the quality to match incredible gripping power. This came in handy when trying to line up the patterns, which prevented a heated argument between our tester and his willing DIY partner.

Dreaded Dusty Pink and Teal Vintage Tropical Minimalist Wallpaper

Better: For the chic

Evaluation: 9/10

Sophisticated and chic, this wallpaper is bursting with elegant tones and details with large scale tropical leaves, in dusty pink, mustard and teal. Oh-so-chic. The muted palette looked lovely in our guest bedroom, and the hand-drawn illustration feel of the paper made it look plush. The adhesion of this paper was unmatched, and felt heavy and high quality. Overall, the effect of the mural was grown-up and stylish, but with a touch of personality.

Bathing Beauties Removable Wallpaper Urban Outfitters

Better: For an original design

Evaluation: 6/10

This design was one of the most original we have tried. Its cute kitsch design looked super cute in our bathroom, although bubbles did start to appear after a few days of scorching showers once the humidity got a little too much to handle. Our tester therefore advises you to think carefully about where you place it. Unfortunately, you can’t order by wall size, which means you’ll have to figure out how many rolls you’ll need for your project.

Amazon self-adhesive plastic self-adhesive wallpaper

Better: For kitchen cabinets

Evaluation: 7/10

Like we said, removable wallpaper doesn’t have to be for your walls – don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Tenants are well aware of the curse of awful cabinetry and fixtures that you have no choice but to hold for the remainder of your tenancy. That’s where this vinyl wallpaper comes in. Perfect for kitchens; this wallpaper is waterproof, oil resistant and foolproof to hang. We loved the vinyl finish and the hint of sheen, which proved to be an easy update to modernize our kitchen cabinets.

Dunelm NuWallpaper maui green self-adhesive wallpaper

Better: To recreate a tropical paradise

Evaluation: 8/10

Although it’s on the lower end of the budget, it feels a lot more expensive than it is. The paper is thick and has a kind of tapestry texture that adds grain and character. As always, you should apply any removable wallpaper to untextured walls, but the prints are slightly more forgiving and this one covered a few small bumps in our wall well. We added it to our office to bring in a calm tropical oasis feel, but it could work anywhere in need of a little green.

Wayfair Sausalito Geometric Roll Wallpaper

Better: For a vintage look

Evaluation: 7/10

This is more of a vintage glam, think 1920s gatsby-esque look, ideal for dining rooms or boudoirs. It was a thick paper that had a nice “real” wallpaper texture. The only issue was that this design was hard to match perfectly, but luckily we could peel and stick it multiple times to get it right. So a big tick for stickiness.

The verdict: removable wallpapers

While all were worthy contenders, especially the Redouté Minimalist Tropical Vintage Dusty Pink and Teal Wallpaper and the Improvised Black and Beige Abstract Geometric Wallpaper, it was the Chloé Abstract Paper that won the best buy. Personalization was a very unique service and allowed us to tailor our wallpaper to our every whim. Great quality and endurance to boot. So if you’re looking to update your space, with no commitment, look no further.

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