CAMPA Executive Committee reviews ongoing work and discusses preparation of APO for FY 2023-24


CAMPA Executive Committee reviews ongoing work and discusses preparation of APO for FY 2023-24

Posted by RK News on Friday, September 30, 2022

Jammu, September 29: A CAMPA Executive Committee meeting was held at the Jammu Convention Center on Thursday to review the ongoing work and discuss the preparation of the APO for the 2023-24 financial year.
Dr. Mohit Gera, PCCF and Head of Forestry Force, J&K Forestry Department, briefed the meeting on the ongoing activities of the Forestry Department on rehabilitation of degraded forests and reforestation under “Green J&K Drive”. He also briefed on various new department initiatives, including the state’s wildfire management action plan. He said CAMPA plays a key role in greening J&K, wildlife management, biodiversity conservation and infrastructure development for front line staff.
He further informed the Committee that for the current exercise, a detailed site specific plan together with their location maps for the rehabilitation of a total of 15,000 ha of degraded forest area with the planting of approximately 95, 00 Lakh plants were prepared last year using the CAMPA portal.
The plan has been approved by the national authority, the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change and is being implemented. He also informed that J&K CAMPA is the only state authority in the country to have developed this type of portal.
CAMPA CEO, Sarvesh Rai briefed the Committee on CAMPA’s ongoing activities, physical and financial achievements in the past fiscal year and ongoing work in the current fiscal year. The Committee was informed that during the monsoon season, 22.45 Lakh plants were planted. Works being carried out include forest fire protection measures and infrastructure strengthening through the construction of official and residential buildings for front-line personnel, checkpoints, watchtowers and others. forest protection infrastructure. Preparations for winter sowing, such as electronic tenders for works and fencing, are currently in full swing.
The Department of Wildlife Protection executes measures that include improvement of wildlife habitat, soil and water conservation works, maintenance of animal rescue centers, conservation activities, eco-development and the development of wildlife-related infrastructure. The Department is also implementing a special project “Mitigation Plan for Kishtwar High Altitude National Park (KHANP)”.
The Committee was briefed on the status of third-party oversight of CAMPA’s work over the past three years, from 2019-20 to 2021-22. AFC India Ltd. has been contracted by the CAMPA Secretariat to evaluate at least 30% of the randomly selected works carried out in the last three years.
The CAMPA Secretariat presented to the Committee its annual report for the financial years 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22 giving details, among others, of the localization work carried out during the year concerned.
The Committee considered special projects for eco-restoration of forest areas around Patnitop – Nathatop (Sanasar) road and forest protection around Dera Ki Gali (DKG) forests and recommended, with some modifications, the approval of the CAMPA Steering Committee.
Representatives from the administrative departments of science and technology, revenue, tribal development, and planning and monitoring departments, in addition to senior officers from forestry and related departments, including the Chief Wildlife Warden, Chief Conservator of Forests (Forest Conservation Act), Chief Conservator of Forests (Planning and Projects), Account Manager attended the meeting.
Special guests including the Director of the Department of Social Forestry; Director, Soil and Water Conservation; Director, J&K Forest Research Institute; Addl. Prof. Chief Conservator of Forests, Jammu/Kashmir; and Chief Conservator of Forests (Settlement Demarcation) Dy. The Director of the Forest Protection Force (HQ) was present.
An unofficial member, Shri Nazir-Be-Nazir (member of an NGO), also participated in the meeting and appreciated the work being done within the framework of CAMPA.


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