Chloe Warner designs a resort-style home for a family in California


Chloe Warner was designing a 10,000 square foot home in Atherton, California when the pandemic hit. But instead of putting the project on hold, she and her clients decided to move forward. “They were calm and cautious but determined to continue the work of creating a beautiful place for their family to shelter in place,” said Warner, founder of Redmond Aldrich and one 2022 Next Wave Winner. They completed the renovation in record time: “We did in four months what we would usually do in a year,” she reveals.

Unable to travel, the owners – a married couple with three children – decided to turn the new house into a mini resort, complete with a gym, pool house and pickleball court. The woman, an associate at a public relations agency, wanted her husband and children to have “an ideal space to host friends,” says Warner. “She’s very welcoming and wanted it to be a home for a lot of people.”

However, the gigantic scale of the house made it difficult to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. “There’s so much of everything that every move you make is amplified,” says Warner. To temper the level of grandeur, “we sought to neutralize the plasterboard,” she says, which called for layering colors, patterns and antique rugs: “One of my great joys and special skills is to seek balance, not symmetry – to play around to find harmonious pattern creations.”

Floral wallcoverings in the guest bedroom and office create a cozier, more intimate atmosphere, while a playful banana leaf print brings a festive vibe to the pool house. “One of my favorite features is the dining room wallpaper – it brings such an understated sophisticated feel to the room,” says Warner.

The Silicon Valley project has been particularly satisfying for Warner, who has worked with the family on and off for more than a decade. “It’s our second home for them, and we’ve seen their kids grow from small lemonade stand entrepreneurs to college students — it’s been so sweet,” she admits. “It’s a perfect home for social people, and they use every square inch.”

The living room

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The luxurious formal space features vintage Marble lamps and fabrics from Peter Dunham Textiles and Schumacher.

Side table and ottoman: specific to customers.

Dining room

chloe warner atherton california dining room

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“The client is passionate about scenic wallpapers and had a beautiful Gracie installed in her old home,” says Warner. “We were all so excited to try another version and finally landed on this tobacco tone-on-tone, which is now my favorite. The space came together when we decided the painter’s strip looked amazing. next to the brown, allowing us to really commit to the blue door.”

Wallpaper: Grace. Table and chairs: Customs. Lighting: Urban electric company.

Guest room

chloe warner bedroom 1 with flowery walls and pink curtains

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“All credit for this room goes to our amazing client,” says Warner. “She sourced the vintage textile on the bed and repurposed items from her previous home, a project we did together. She really gave us an exciting revelation.”

Throw a blanket: vintage greek textile. Bed pillow fabric: Shyam Ahuja. Wallpaper: Anna French.


chloe warner atherton california washroom

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“Our intention was to be light on construction, and that dark marble countertop wasn’t something we were excited about at first,” admits Warner. “The dark background of the Pierre Frey wallpaper came out so wonderfully beautiful. With the addition of the mirror and the vintage sconces, the powder room became so eye-catching.”

Wallpaper: Pierre Frey. Shimmer: old. Window fabric: Schumacher.


chloe warner atherton california house bar

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“This nook is a perfect example of what happens when you really consider your whole space,” says Warner. “While this area is technically a passageway, with the right additions – a gorgeous vintage rug, beautiful artwork, and the brass record player console – it easily turned into one of our favorite moments. in the House.”

Turntable : Ilise Crawford. Old carpet: Woven accents.


chloe warner atherton california home office

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“This top-floor office is unified by the wallpaper on all surfaces, and the beautiful flowing light really adds to that treehouse studio feel,” notes the designer.

Lighting: Anthropology. Desk: Lawson Fenning. Office tableair: Jonathan Adler. Small chair: old.

Pool house and lounge

pool house with flowery green walls and shell chairs

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“Our client had a vision of her family being on vacation, and this wallpaper from Martinique definitely delivers,” Warner says.

Wallpaper: CW Stockwell. Fabrics: Hollywood at home.

chloe warner atherton california pool house

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Garden furniture: Janus and Co.

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