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During this time of year, tons of people in Michigan spend some of their free time outdoors, engaging in a variety of activities, but one of the most popular is gardening. Some like to plant flowers and other small plants, while others choose to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and other useful things in their garden. One of the common problems faced by gardeners is keeping squirrels and other animals away from their flower beds. Gardeners in a neighborhood in Kalamazoo came up with and provided several different tips and solutions to keep various animals away from flowers, but also had some very funny reactions.

Now, during this time of summer, it is even more important to keep small rodents and other animals away from your plants. As summer draws to a close, it means the beginning of autumn, which is the harvest season. Some plants grow faster than others and may harvest before fall, but none of them will go that far if animals continue to invade their homes. Some members of the Milwood Neighborhood in Kalamazoo have green thumbs and tips for keeping your yard fresh, clean, and animal-free while having fun.

A user of the Milwood Neighborhood Hangout Facebook group said she saw others asking about keeping squirrels and other animals out of their yard and wanted to join in the fun. Jen Howard went on to say;

“I had suggested the little pinwheels. Well, apparently the squirrels think it’s their personal cooling system because I’m pretty sure they’re setting up little lawn chairs, sipping cocktails and munching on my plants.”

This response to finding the furry friends in her backyard prompted others to make jokes and puns about the presence of squirrels in their backyard. One user commented, “LOL! I kinda want to make them margaritas” while another said, “That gave me a good laugh, good luck with the little bastards! There were a few laughs exchanged, but for the most part the gardening tips stole the Show.

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Jen had her own tips for keeping the flower pots clean and the other band members added their two cents as well. When asked how she keeps her garden clean now, Jen replied;

“I had heard that using things like garlic, dried red pepper flakes and even the original Irish Spring soap shavings in your garden would keep squirrels away. Something about the smell they don’t like. I tried them all but the squirrels kept coming into the garden. I finally put some used coffee grounds around my plants and it seemed to work fine. I think Kalamazoo has some kind of super squirrels that will survive a zombie apocalypse lol.

There were a few other tips that were shared on other members’ posts, ones that seem to have worked for them and others in the past. One member commented “They say plant marigolds in your garden it will keep squirrels out so far no squirrels have bothered mine”, while another said: “Liquid Fence is the only thing that ever worked for me.” and finally, a member shared, “I put plastic forks in jars and it seems to work.” Lots of advice and a few laughs leads to a great summer of green thumbs for the Milwood neighborhood.

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