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I manage social media as part of my work for a religious community. One day I received a direct message (DM) from St. Kateri Conservation Center and learned about their great Catholic Ecological Ministry – including their amazing online Catholic Ecology Library, Habitats Initiative and of St. Kateri’s Parks and her awesome social media accounts, which I now follow both for work and personally.

Since then, the religious community I work for has registered its land as Habitat Sainte-Kateri. A young adult volunteered with us to seek better stewardship and relied on the expertise of the St. Kateri Conservation Centre. And now I have brought home their tips too!

My 4 year old and I collected empty milk jugs and ordered seeds from local ecology. By cutting the jugs open, drilling holes in the bottom, and planting soil and seeds inside before closing them, our native plant garden milk jug could get a head start in the spring. Now it joins our compost barrel as our first small steps towards better backyard stewardship.

We are grateful to Kat from the Kateri Center for being a proactive creation evangelist and generous friend!

[Dan Masterton is a part-time pastoral minister and freelance writer, spending most of his time as a stay-at-home dad with his two kids and his wife in Bolingbrook, Illinois.]


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