Entrepreneur Tinahely Aisling’s new bathrobe designs have busy parents covered


For many parents who juggle work and home life, finding the time to change into work clothes in the evening is a luxury they simply don’t have.

Crayon marks, grass stains and food spills on clothes become a fact of life. With her latest selection of practical bathrobes, MyHousecoat founder Aisling Pierce hopes to change that. The Tinahely-based businesswoman hopes to help people transition smoothly from job to job, allowing them to protect their clothes from the dangers of cooking, cleaning, gardening and more.

“I really try to attract these young women who have small children and jobs because that’s where I got the idea myself. Before, I would come home from work in a good suit and I had to start a fire or cook dinner. I didn’t have time to change,” she said.

Aisling launched MyHousecoat at the permanent TSB Ideal Home Show earlier this year. Inspired by the overcoats worn by her parents, she wanted to offer a quick solution to cover everyday clothes when cleaning or gardening. In April, she launched her first three styles: the coat, which looks like a jacket and has Velcro on the front and sleeves, the wrap and a sleeveless version of the coat. The products have been extremely popular with people from all walks of life.

“My range of products is based on the old tradition or the concept of wearing something to keep your clothes clean while you do dirty jobs around the house and in the garden. I think many Irish people particularly remember of our parents, grandparents, guardians, shopkeepers, etc. wearing those years,” Aisling explained. “What I wanted to achieve was to redesign this to turn it into a more modern, fun, functional, fresh and cool product – something that was really useful and practical, but not something you hated putting on!

Exhibiting her products at various trade shows across the country has given Aisling the opportunity to meet her customers and learn about their wants and needs. In response to their feedback, she has created new products, which she recently launched at the Gorey Agricultural Show.

The first new item is a crossover apron. Aisling likens it to a modern take on the traditional aprons worn in the past. This comes in a sleeveless and short sleeve design. His latest new design is the tunic – an idea that came to him following conversations with many beauticians and hairdressers who needed something practical and stylish to protect themselves while working. These come in long and short versions.

With her company, Aisling is determined to produce as little waste as possible and this desire has led her to create practical side products. Using leftover materials, she created tubular drawstring bags that can be used to store basic items.

“I hate waste of any kind. I had long cylindrical pieces of fabric left over and was trying to find something to do with them. So I decided to turn them into something I had years ago. years – drawstring bags,” she said. “I put a cord at the top so you can hang them and velcro at the bottom. You can put plastic bags in it. You can put spare socks in it. It can be used for clothespins. A few people have suggested using it to store makeup sponges.

“I will soon be running a contest on social media to ask people for their suggestions on the coolest ways to use this product.”

With the rest of the remaining material, Aisling makes door stops filled with sheep’s wool. The idea came to her through knowledge acquired at SheepWool Insulation in Rathdrum, where she currently works four days a week while setting up her own business.

“I’ve had this idea in my head for years, and now that my kids are growing up, starting college, I really thought it was time to step up and do it!”

MyHousecoat products can be purchased online and at various trade shows across the country.


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