Attention gardeners: The Joshua Basin Water District has some helpful tips for getting your beloved plants through February. Journalist Heather Clisby joins us with best practices for your desert soil…

Although Mother Nature maintains the landscape quite well, many optimistic souls maintain a garden year-round here in the Hi-Desert. The Joshua Basin Water District advises watering anytime between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. and avoiding running sprinkler systems on windy days.

Remember that February is the perfect time to control winter weeds before they bloom. Other tips:

• Plant ground covers, bulbs, low water plants and any native plants you missed during the fall planting season. If your elevation is frozen, plant later in the month.
• Plant bare root trees and shrubs until early March.
• Prune conifers now, but not later in the spring or summer.
• Prune the rest of your summer-blooming deciduous fruit and nut trees, roses and dormant shrubs.
• Fertilize perennials and trees with slow-release plant food (most native and drought-tolerant plants don’t need fertilizer).
• Water trees deeply to prepare them for the spring growth spurt (deep roots prevent trees from blowing away).
• Turn off irrigation timers if it is raining.

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