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Preparations for the 2022 general election are being stepped up as the Fijian Elections Office is now considering the likely layout of the counting centre.

A mock set-up and rehearsal was conducted yesterday to assess election officials’ understanding of the counting process and identify areas that need improvement.

Election supervisor, Mohammed Saneem, explains that the fifteen-day training aims to strengthen the electoral process and ensure that officials are aware of their duties during the election period.

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“We simulated entire processes, including some of our apps that we use and some improvements to the results app. It was a good time to rehearse as we intend to be ready for the elections in this time next week.

Saneem adds that more trainings will be organized to sort out all the issues for a smooth general election.

“The team will review the results of the rehearsal and from there we will make the necessary adjustments to the processes and, if necessary, improve the training. Based on the review, we will take further action.

The training also includes a simulation of the entire counting process overnight, as would be the case after a general election.

Meanwhile, FEO is calling on those who have not registered to vote to do so as soon as possible.


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