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The National Garden Scheme shares things to add to your August to-do list.

It highlights the reduction of summer flowers that have passed their best and gives the garden a good order.

Be sure to water your plants during the warmer months, as plants in containers need more attention than those in beds and borders.

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It’s time to go out in the garden.

If you have an area of ​​long grass that used to have flower bulbs, followed by summer flowers, these will now die. Once they are dead, mow the grass as soon as possible. This will ensure that the site has time to recover this season and that the grass clippings will remain dry and easy to remove rather than soggy which will likely be the case if you are cutting in a few weeks.

If you want to grow strawberries, be sure in August to plant the new plants in very well enriched soil with old compost and manure.

Grasses are ideal for foliage, but be sure to remove spent flower heads and cut back your plants to ensure good form and strong production through fall.

Summer is also a good time to pick fresh herbs and then freeze them so you have enough herbs for the winter.

The NGS says, “August is the month when most of your summer flowering plants have finished flowering and are looking rather gloomy. You’ll be surprised at the improvement it brings if you cut them back (especially perennials) and in many cases you’ll stimulate a welcome second bloom within a few weeks.

If you have grown salads for this summer and want to continue doing so until the fall, you need to find bells and cover the prepared ground so that you can plant and protect the lettuce seedlings.

Pansies grow very easily from seed and you can sow them now for next spring’s blooms. Remember that you need to keep the seedlings under cover until spring.

Making good compost takes effort, and you don’t want yours to go to waste as your compost pile dries out in the summer. If you give it a good soak in dry spells, you can ensure that the decomposition process will continue.

For fans of personal cultivation, if you’ve worked hard to grow string beans and string beans, the more you pick, the more growth you encourage.

If you have a decent crop of potatoes, you will harvest more than you can eat now, so you need to have a good storage place to keep them over winter. It should be dry and dark, and it helps if the potatoes are as clean as possible when they come in.

There’s plenty to keep you busy over the next month to ensure your garden continues to grow and thrive through fall, winter, spring, and summer.

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