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King Charles is well known for its love of nature and has always been considered ahead of its time when it comes to environmentalism and conservation.

After purchase Highgrove House in Gloucestershire in 1980, where he lives with his wife Camilla, now Queen Consort, he worked hard to renovate the grounds and gardens there. He is known to be very active in gardening.

The king and his home, located near the town of Tetbury, are to feature in an episode of The Cotswolds and beyond with Pam Ayres, which was filmed before the Queen died. Now that the period of national mourning is over, the episode featuring the current king is due to air on Friday October 7 on Channel 5.

True North

The episode will see the King in his garden at Highgrove, talking about preserving nature and increasing biodiversity. He will share his best tips and advice on gardening and conservation.

According the telegraph, the King will talk about attracting swifts to our gardens and installing swift nesting boxes under an overhanging roof.

He reportedly said that after doing that, “you have to wait another year or two before they actually start to occupy”.

Highgrove, although a private residence, opens its gardens to the public for tours. One of the most famous parts of the park is the topiary Thyme Walk, which features yews and many varieties of thyme.

tetbury, uk 14th july a meadow of wildflowers planted by prince charles at highgrove, country home of the wales family photo by tim graham photo library via getty images

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Another striking part of Highgrove is the wildflower meadow, which attracts many insects. It was established in 1982 and covers four acres.

According the telegraph, the king tells the TV host how he used to count the orchids in the meadow, but has since given up because there are ‘just too many now’.

While of course it’s not just about planting, the king also defends the wildlife and shows the host a hedgehog ramp in one of the ornamental fountains, which provides an escape route should they fall. The poet praised his inclusion and said: “It was so fantastic to hear about such lovely little touches like the one he has in the gardens.

The host also reveals how she invited the king to be on the TV show. “I sent HRH the King a poem I had written about hedgerows and their value to wildlife.

“During our shoot, HRH definitely said he liked my poem, so who knows maybe that made him open up his garden to us!”

The episode of The Cotswolds and beyond with Pam Ayres is due to air on Friday October 7 on Channel 5.


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