Gardening Tips: Maintain Your Garden in Five Easy Steps


Gardens are long term projects, so doing small chores is often the best way to ensure your garden is in good shape. For novice gardeners, doing things this way can also allow you to get more out of the gardening process, while also making it easier on you.

Another garden task that doesn’t take much time and which is perfect to do right now in April is to sow seeds.

Calum said growing your own vegetables “doesn’t have to be a big task” and can take up to 30 minutes.

The easiest vegetables and fruits to start with if you’re a beginner are potatoes, peas and strawberries, according to Calum.

The easiest way to sow seeds is to use pots or containers, fill them with general compost, plant the seeds in the ground, then cover with compost before adding a little water.

All the seeds need to germinate is heat, humidity, and oxygen.

Most flowers and vegetables need a warm, sheltered spot that attracts the sun, as this keeps the compost moist.

Watering your plants is vital for their growth and can take as little as 20 minutes.

Before watering, check whether a plant’s soil is wet, watery, or dry, so you know whether it needs water or not.

Keeping a watering schedule is handy for keeping track of when you last watered a plant, and it will help prevent overwatering.

Plants in containers will need more watering than those in borders, Calum said, while cacti and succulents can survive without frequent watering.

Cleaning your patio is another useful task to do in the maintenance of your garden, especially before the summer when you may be welcoming guests to your home.

Calum recommended dividing the workload into sections to maximize your time.

First, move all of your pots and furniture to one side and remove all the debris with a fine bristle brush.

To remove any dirt, mix soap with water and scrub with the brush on your patio tiles.

The last task Calum advises as part of your gardening routine is to remove any tired plants.

The gardening expert said, “If you have old shrubs or flowering plants that need to be revived, don’t be afraid to remove them.

“Old plants can have a negative impact on the overall appearance of your garden.”

Calum recommended investing in a weedkiller, but be sure to read labels to see which product is right for you, and try to avoid pulling plants out of the soil as this will starve your soil of nourishment and reduce its fertility. .


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