Gardening tips that will save you money in your pocket


Gardening is a great hobby and habit. Not only do you make your garden look vibrant and pretty, but you also exercise, clear your head and relieve stress.

Gardening, however, can be an expensive hobby, so it’s important that you start or continue your gardening journey with some knowledge of how to grow your garden without draining your wallet and pockets.

These four gardening tips will make your gardening process a little easier and cheaper, while producing the healthiest plants in your home and garden.

start small

Gardening is a much easier task when you work with smaller, fewer plants. It is also much cheaper to buy a smaller plant and wait for it to grow successfully than to buy a larger plant.

Growing small plants at different times will also give you the time you need to focus on the plants and give them all the attention they need to grow, grow healthy and strong.

Grow a small clump of lettuce in your home. Photo: iStock

Collect rain water

If you have been gardening for a long time, your garden should be filled with many large plants that need to be watered regularly to ensure that they stay healthy and alive.

Watering your garden can be expensive as your plants may need water more than once a week, but you can reduce additional water costs by simply reusing the rainwater you have harvested.

One of the easiest ways to harvest rainwater would be to put large buckets of water under your gutters that will fill the buckets whenever it rains.

When it’s time to water your plants, simply dunk your watering can in the buckets and water your plants.

Collect rainwater for reuse. Photo: iStock

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High-end cast-offs

If you are looking to get into gardening, it would be an added advantage for you to tap into your creativity to create a garden space that will brighten up your garden and be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

When it comes to keeping houseplants, you want them to be as cute and pretty as possible, so get creative and use old decor and tableware like sauce boats, teapots and mugs. coffee and soup as potted plants for your houseplants.

If you are looking to spruce up your backyard garden, you can use old wheelbarrows, tin cans, pots, old bathtubs and old rain boots.

gardening tips
Pretty potted plants for your indoor plants. Photo: iStock

Make your own homemade compost

Use vegetable and fruit peelings, as well as dead plants to create your own compost for your garden. Simply pile all your kitchen and garden waste in one corner of your garden, making sure to start the pile with tree branches and twigs, then green waste, then top it up with brown waste.

Make sure your compost is regularly moist. The process of turning your waste into reusable compost should take up to four months.

Home compost. Photo: iStock

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