Gardening tips: Top expert tips to help your plants survive this summer


First of all, the summer months are notoriously tough on our leafy friends. High temperatures and harsh UV rays can cause plants to wilt and burn, just like humans. Many of us will have recently returned home from a summer getaway to find our greenery a bit dull and water-starved.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, Taylor recommends using a wetting agent to bring your plants back to life. The product will soak the soil and return much-needed moisture to the roots.

“Wetting agents rehydrate from the roots upwards, strengthening root structure and also helping the soil retain moisture,” says Taylor.

Once you’ve given the garden a good drink, apply a soil conditioner, like Seasol PowerFeed, to revive those droopy leaves. Conditioning products can also be used on lawns, as well as most plants.

“I would also recommend adding some organic material such as mulch and compost to give you that extra layer of moisture retention.”

When it comes to potted plants, Taylor recommends water crystals — tiny, super-absorbent polymers about the size of a sugar crystal. They can be added to potting soil or a garden bed to increase the water holding capacity of the soil. The crystals act like a sponge, soaking up excess water and eventually releasing whatever has been absorbed into the root zone, wetting the soil and giving our plant friends a boost of hydration.


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