Gardening tips: Use baking soda to quickly get rid of “stubborn” patio weeds


Spring is when garden growth increases, which means so does weed growth due to the warmer weather. Those pesky plants around pavers and on patios can make a garden look messy. If weeds are not properly removed from pavers, they can continue to grow back for years. Speaking exclusively to, an expert shared different methods to banish weeds, including using baking soda.

Martine Le Gassick, creative director at Stark & ​​Greensmith, noted that “harsh chemicals aren’t always an option” when it comes to getting rid of weeds.

She said: “As the garden begins to regrow in the spring, garden weeds and harsh chemicals aren’t always an option if you have little ones or pets running around.

“So here are three ways to get rid of weeds without harsh chemicals, just be sure to monitor the area until you’ve cleaned up all the ingredients.”

Martine explained that baking soda is great for getting rid of weeds that appear in “saggy areas.”

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“It’s just a quick and easy trick to get rid of all the little weeds you can see.”

White vinegar is readily available, inexpensive, and an effective weed killer for paving areas.

It dries out surface weeds on contact.

Gardeners can use white vinegar on younger weeds or vinegar with a higher concentration for older weeds, such as weed killer vinegar, which can be picked up at any garden store.


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