Gardening tips: Use the ‘brickwork trick’ to make your garden ‘appear bigger’ than it is


Yard space is at a premium like never before and can add serious value to a home. Learning how to enlarge a small garden will not only help you if you sell, but will make your time there even more enjoyable. Small garden ideas encompass all types of space, from balconies and terraces to small lawns and small patios. No matter how much space you have, there are simple tips for making the most of any limited outdoor space. From painting bricks to planting vertically, a gardening expert from MyJobQuote has shared how to create the illusion of more space in gardens.

Fiona Jenkins, gardening expert at MyJobQuote, told exclusively that painting the stonework surrounding the garden white will make a garden “appear larger” than it actually is.

She said: “Since white has brightening and lightening properties, it is often used to help make the most of small spaces.

“Gardens can also benefit from this trick.

“Choose white bricks and white garden furniture to brighten up the garden space and make it look bigger and make it open and bright.”

Likewise, a painted backdrop can help “catch the eye and create the illusion of extra space and height,” according to Fiona.

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Fiona explained: “It will make your garden much fuller and, therefore, bigger.

“Try using a vertical support where you can place small to medium sized planters.

“Plants that stay small are best for vertical use so they don’t grow into each other.”

These are also some plants that gardeners should have if their gardens are small.

The gardening expert explained that planting blue flowers and plants at the edge of the garden can move away and make the garden appear more prominent.

She said: “You have so many options with tall plants like Verbascum, Foxglove, Wild Iris, Honeysuckle and Jasmine.

“Use those tall risers and plants around arches, walls, or fences.”

Keeping everything trimmed is crucial, no matter how big a garden. Long grass and overgrown plants can make it look a lot more cramped.

Fiona said: ‘Keep cutting the grass so your garden looks much neater.

“It will add to the feeling of more space. A few minutes of simple tidying up could go a long way in making your little garden look bigger.


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