Health and Safety and Red Tractor preparation done on your phone!


Making information easily accessible to operators boosts productivity and safety.

You don’t need paperwork in your security systems – unless you choose to have it.

Hazard assessments, safe work practices, policy statements, PPE and training records and CoSHH can all be managed from your desktop with relevant actions pushed to individual team members on their phone app.

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They click an icon, see their to-do list, click an action, and do it. They sign on the screen with their finger and spend the rest of their day. If they want to refer to an individual document for more information, it’s there in their individual file.

Each of these actions was recorded by the system and the time and date recorded.

As a manager, you will be regularly informed of pending actions, concerns or incidents immediately and given the opportunity to respond and take appropriate action.

If you want to print anything, it’s just one click and it’s done. The system outputs the document with all shift approvals printed on the back.

What I am describing here is not an aspiration, it is available now and accessible to hundreds of Safety Revolution customers across the UK who are sharing information and quickly and effectively driving a strong safety culture in their own operations.

To arrange a free demonstration of this software and discuss how it works call Anna on 07760 956981 or email [email protected]


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