How to kill weeds on your garden lawn – gardening tips


Gardening expert Suzanne Hall of LoveTheGarden shared how to control weeds in garden lawns. LoveTheGarden offers gardening advice and products and is home to Miracle-Gro, Levington, Tomorite and many other brands. The gardening expert said that if a lawn has moss or weeds, gardeners can use a “suitable combination product of fertilizer and herbicide”.

Suzanne continued: “For weed control it is important to recognize that it takes time to work often at least a month.

“So once the plant is dead it can be safely removed and all the plots can then be overseeded.

“Most selective lawn weedkillers contain hormones designed to kill the weed by disrupting its metabolism.

“In the process, the weedkiller is broken down and any landing on the ground is also destroyed.

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However, Suzanne said it is “important” to keep weeds “at bay” to maintain a good quality lawn.

Although lawn moss may not seem like a big deal, a mossy lawn can actually host weeds.

The gardening pro explained, “Weeds can’t compete with healthy growing grass, but if the grass gets mossy, weed seeds are particularly suited to go deep into the moss and will germinate in the water they contain.

“Once the weed has a foothold, it struggles to grow because the grass drinks more than the weed.

“So most weeds have a taproot to get deeper water which, if you try to pull back, will leave some room in the ground and grow back into a new weed.

“Once the weed is established, it will shade the grass and deprive it of light.

“Without our help, the weeds always win.”

Another way to keep weeds at bay is to fertilize lawns regularly.

Fertilizers should be applied in the spring, summer and fall and when the lawn has been stressed, such as after a drought.

Gardeners should remember to follow the exact application rate when applying fertilizer.

“Too little and you will get shallow growth, too much will burn your weed,” she added.

Fertilizer helps grass grow strong and maintain good impact resistance.

Fertilizer can also help keep a lawn’s color consistently bold and even.


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