Inspiration for clear nail designs

  • Light nails are a trendy manicure look for the summer.
  • The manicure style is all about using negative space to create a modern design.
  • Manicures with a transparent base can often look polished even when they’ve grown out.

Of course, a few coats of an eye-catching polish is a surefire way to break through the nails. But playing around with designs that use clear polish can also make a big statement. The trendy transparent nail manicure is all about keeping it modern – you can have your manicurist play with negative space or even use your natural nail as part of the design.

Think: French tips, dots, studs, you name it – the world is your oyster when it comes to a clear manicure. “Even if you’re not interested in an elaborate design, having clear polish or gel on your nails still protects your nails from breaking and looks very clean and polished,” says the nail artist and tattoo artist. Asami. Keep reading for tips on maintaining clear nails as well as tips to take to your next manicure appointment.

Why light nails are a trend

Light nails are on trend because they want to be modern and chic – plus, not using color all over the nail just has a cool vibe. We’re so used to making sure every inch of our nail is covered in polish that keeping part of the nail colorless seems like a new option.

You can go super subtle with the trend with a few splashes of color or take it to a blingy bejeweled level. The good news is that if you keep the base of your nail clear, your manicure can grow out without a problem.

How to take care of light nails

“With such a clean look, it’s essential that the nails themselves have a nice shape and that the cuticles are neat,” says Asami. Use cuticle oil to moisturize both nails and cuticles. Next, you want to make sure your manicure goes the distance. “If you choose to go with a clear or clear nail with embellishment, I recommend applying an extra coat of clear nail polish twice a week at home to keep the nails looking shiny and looking fresh,” the artist explains. nails.

What to ask at the nail salon

There are so many ways to choose a clear manicure design. And when it comes to choosing your clear formula, it can be regular polish, gel, polygel, acrylic, or dipping powder. The easiest thing to do is to decide what kind of transparent base you want and bring some inspiration photos for the design. Have a few on hand in case you change your mind or if your nail technician has an idea what they can do best.

Best Clear Manicure Designs


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