Italian heritage goes modern with these sensational designs


Italians have a way of infusing passion, beauty and life into everything they touch – their food, their fashion and most certainly their furniture.

“Italian designers have such a different way of looking at design and spaces,” says Copenhagen sales consultant Bryan Moore. “There is also the [superior] quality. These manufacturers have an advantage when it comes to creating pieces that look unique and are custom made, but are also practical and comfortable.

An avant-garde furniture company like Copenhagen with its pieces made and designed in Italy, you can infuse color, customization and clean lines into your home in a contemporary way that instantly invigorates your space. Known for its modernist sensibilities, Copenhagen has a host of Italian designers (though the company does, in fact, have Scandinavian roots), and many pieces can be customized in leather, fabric, and color.

It doesn’t take much to make a good impression. Here are some ideas that offer the kind of jaw-dropping drama that gives a room a whole new look with a modern Italian twist.

Add attractive textures and finishes

Unique elements infuse an extra level of design to create an elevated custom look. For example, choosing two pieces that complement each other in color, finish, or pattern unifies a space.

With its angled legs, marbled top and floating drawers, the Nasdaq Keramik Desk brings the drama.


Cattelan Atlantis Crystal Art Table has a clear glass top with a marble look and beautiful swirls of black, ivory and gray that make a statement,” says Moore. Although the table is a standout in its own right, Moore also suggests featuring Nasdaq Keramik office in Cattelanwhich relates to the Atlantis Crystal Art Table with its marbled ceramic surface.

“The Nasdaq Desk is more like a work of art, a bold yet unique sculpture in any room of the house,” Moore says.

Cue the color

Whether you choose a neutral gray or rich red piece, color evokes an emotional response, Moore says. “Consciously or unconsciously, it can energize, relax, calm, inspire and add that layer of design that makes it unique,” ​​he says. “Colours, textures and patterns that work together can be truly innovative design elements.”

copenhagen colorworks rug

Crafted from polypropylene with mechanical construction, the Colorworks rug is like an abstract piece of art.


If you’re starting with a monochromatic palette, “add a rug that brings in colors from other rooms or picks up colors in fabrics, drapes, and other elements,” Moore says. For instance, Colourworks rug features abstract multi-color hues that elevate your floor to modern art.

“Accessories are a great entry point for layering the room with pops of color or adding unique and intricate designs. You can then add or subtract these accents based on your comfort level, creating a measured path to a more vibrant palette,” says Moore. “It’s a perfect way for someone who isn’t usually comfortable adding color to see what it does.”

Make a singular statement

The beauty of Italian-made furniture is that it’s both bold and comfortable. And because the quality speaks for itself, adding one key element can be all it takes to create an inspired focal point.

two-seater selfy

The Selfy Large Power Recliner fabric and leather combine comfort and style.


For example, the Large Selfy Power Recliner by Egoitaliano merges a striking blend of design and craftsmanship. Combining fabric and leather upholstery in custom colors, the piece deserves a prime placement.

Updating a single element in a room is also a way to revitalize the space without having to commit to a complete overhaul. And it is always possible to add more gradually. The Lianne sectionalpart of the Incanto Italia line, is another statement maker that makes a statement in any living space.

“It provides a wonderful opportunity to merge a contemporary piece into a traditional setting,” says Moore. “Cream or gray leather, power recline and chrome frame adapt to many different environments.”

Nasdaq Keramik Office
Colourworks rug
Lianne Sectional with Power Motion
Lianne Sectional with Power Motion
Atlantis Crystal Art Table
Atlantis Crystal Art Table
Large Selfy Power Recliner
Large Selfy Power Recliner

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