Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs shares tips on how to insulate your home



Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on the This Morning sofa on Tuesday to discuss the new series and the upcoming Live event at the NEC. During the conversation, Kevin was asked about insulating homes and the most affordable yet effective ways to do it.

With energy prices soaring, now has never been a better time to start saving money.

And with winter fast approaching, as many households love a warm and cozy home as the nights fall, there are plenty of ways to make it warmer without paying a fortune for gas, electricity. and water.

How insulation helps you stay warm in winter and cool in summer

most your home is insulated, the warmer it will be in the winter and the cooler it will stay in the summer sun.

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Ideally, the best time of year to do insulation work is the summer before the heating season begins.

With record temperatures reached every year due to global warming, this is an increasingly attractive way to maintain pleasant living conditions in the doors.

Insulation is inexpensive compared to expensive and energy-consuming air conditioning units, so you can enjoy the benefits of an airtight home all year round.

Up to half of a home’s heat can escape through the roof, walls, windows, and floor if a building is not insulated.

“We can all stop some of the drafts with little stickers you can buy in supermarkets.

“We can all do these kinds of things, we can take small steps now, we can reduce energy use.

“We can lower the thermostat,” he continued. “You can even isolate yourself with a sweater [jumper].

“Wear woolen socks in winter and cotton in summer – this is my contribution to saving the planet.”

Kevin was then asked about loft conversions and if they are harder to isolate.

“It’s more difficult,” he said. “But by remodeling the attic, you have the option of adjusting the insulation that is in the attic itself.

“You go from insulating the attic in the rafters to insulating the attic, insulating the attic between the plasterboard and the roof and in doing so you can really put in a high performance product. “



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