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Pune: With nearly 60% of Indian districts experiencing no to insufficient pre-monsoon rains, pre-planting activities for the kharif could be affected.
Vijay Thube, Director of Shashwat Krishi Vikas India, an agricultural producer company in Pune district, said, “The lack of pre-monsoon showers delayed pre-sowing activities like tillage and levelling. The ground is dry in many parts of the state due to scant or no rainfall. As the agricultural fields are vast, it is not possible to artificially water the fields for preparations before sowing.
Uday Patil, chairman of an agricultural producer society in Kolhapur, said, “The mild showers in the current period are facilitating pre-kharif activities such as land preparation.
Ravi Patil, who runs an agricultural producer company in Vidarbha, said: “Sometimes excessive use of pesticides tends to harden and degrade the soil. When there are no showers before the monsoon, the soil hardens further, making it difficult to plow the field for pre-sowing activities.
Dr Kripan Ghosh, Head of Agricultural Meteorology Division, IMD, Pune, told TOI: “Good pre-monsoon showers can be a boon for pre-kharif activities. Rice growing areas and nurseries could be prepared in advance for sowing kharif with good rainfall before the monsoon,” Ghosh said.
Maharashtra Agriculture Commissioner Dheeraj Kumar said, “In most places the preparation of kharif is already underway except in some paddy growing areas of Maharashtra. In these areas, the lack of showers before the monsoon can delay the preparation of the rice fields.

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