KVK Delhi begins preparation of Pusa decomposition solution


Preparation of Pusa’s decomposition solution

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ujwa, Delhi started the preparation of “Pusa’s Decomposition Solution” in the project context “In-situ management of crop residues” October 23, 2021 in the presence of Dr Naveen Aggarwal, District Collector and Deputy Commissioner, South West Delhi District, Delhi, and Amit Kale, (IP), Deputy District Magistrate, Najafgarh, South West Delhi District, Delhi.

Dr Aggarwal said farmers should adopt Pusa Bio Decompose The technology developed by the Indian Institute of Agricultural Research Pusa, New Delhi, which will help farmers in stubble management. Dr PK Gupta, Chairman, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ujwa, Delhi briefed on the method of preparing and spraying the bio-decomposer solution and increasing the biomass in the soil.

In addition, he also informed the farmers that using a decomposer can increase the amount of biomass in the soil by mixing the residues of other crops with rice straw in the soil. This year, Krishi Vigyan Kendra plans to spray Pusa decay solution over 50 hectares southwest of Delhi, north of Delhi and northwest of Delhi.

About Pusa Decomposer:

Pusa Decomposer – a microbial spray from the Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), Delhi, is the silver lining for an end to the burning of paddy residue in the rice fields of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and around Delhi over the past five years.

Just four capsules are enough to convert a hectare of agricultural waste into useful compost, according to a statement by a senior scientist in Pusa’s microbiology division. The total cost per acre is around Rs 300 and includes the cost of making the concoction with gram, jaggery, mixing the capsules in large containers of water and the cost of labor for spraying. .

As agricultural waste decomposes, the fields retain some moisture and the soil becomes richer, reducing the need for fertilizer. Farm fires killed crop-friendly insects and worms and reduced the fertility of fields. Another quality of the capsule which contains the crop-friendly mushrooms is that it has no side effects.


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