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FRANKFORD, Del. – The first day of spring is only 18 days away and with warmer weather in sight, many are turning to their home gardens. Experts at the Inland Bay Garden Center say it may be too early to plant herbs and vegetables. So now is the right time to prepare. Cheryl Rehrig, co-owner of Inland Bays Garden Center, says she uses cardboard to keep out what almost all garden owners hate most, weeds.

“What we do is we lay down cardboard to suppress the weeds,” Rehrig explains. “You can put cardboard, you can put leaves, you can put pin needles, straw, anything to keep weeds from growing. Because you know how if you only have a bare piece of soil the weeds are going to find it.

It’s a good idea to cut off dead leaves to allow new growth to develop freely. And for novice gardeners, Rehrig has the key to success.

“The first year, the soil is very important,” says Rehrig. “You want to get good soil. Get good natural soil. You don’t need to get anything with all these fancy products. Get some nice soil and maybe add some compost. Compost is a natural product.

Sandy Daniel from Millville knows a bit about gardening and is ready to get started. But, before a plant can be planted, it must first clear the garden of what has been left over from winter.

“So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to cross over and I’m going to cut back and some of those things that I left long and long for the winter,” Daniel said. “For the birds to hide for the insects to hide, and yes there are happy insects, beneficial insects.”

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, if you need help with gardening, your local nursery will be happy to answer all your questions to keep your plants alive.


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