Ministry of Agriculture begins preparation for monsoon


Hyderabad: Preparations for the upcoming monsoon season have been undertaken by the Telangana government, Telangana Agriculture Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy said on Monday.

During a meeting with senior Agriculture Department officials and representatives of major fertilizer companies, Niranjan Reddy announced the allocation of 24.45 lakh metric tons of fertilizer for the upcoming monsoon season from May to August.

“As a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the central government is delaying the supply of fertilizers to the states under the pretext of shortage of raw materials for the production of fertilizers,” the minister said.

He said that compared to other states, the season starts earlier in Telangana. The Department of Fertilizers and Chemicals has already approved 10.5 lakh metric tons of urea, 9.4 lakh metric tons of complex fertilizers and 2.3 lakh metric tons of diammonium phosphate (DAP), 2.25 lakh tons metrics of muriate of potash (MOP) and single superphosphate (SSP).

The minister ordered that an additional 5 lakh metric tons of urea be ready by the end of May, and DAP and other state-required complex fertilizers be ready by June 15.

He added that a letter has been sent to the National Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, requesting the supply of state-required fertilizers, as well as DAP and complex fertilizers needed at various ports to be sent to Telangana.

The minister advised farmers to carry out soil tests and use green manure provided by the government.

“The use of unnecessary chemical fertilizers increases crop investments, deteriorates soil health, and reduces crop yields. Organic fertilizers and livestock fertilizers should be used sparingly, and fertilizer companies should take responsibility for educating farmers on integrated fertilizer management,” he said.


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