New designs for Tuggeranong Foreshore and Casey Park


The ACT Government will upgrade the Tuggeranong Foreshore and Casey Recreation Park next year.

“This is part of our larger program to improve our city’s suburban infrastructure, with improvements to local stores and group centers, playgrounds, dog parks and other community facilities,” said Chris Steel, Minister of Transportation and Municipal Services.

Mr Steel has released drafts of improvements to the Tuggeranong Lake foreshore for the public to comment on, ahead of the start of the third stage of improvements to downtown Tuggeranong.

Tuggeranong City Park Playground will have new equipment and more accessible play and picnic areas. Features include nature play, climbing rope and a balance challenge.

Existing washrooms in Tuggeranong City Park will be replaced with new accessible facilities.

The foreshore trail network will be more accessible and safer. The path will be widened around the sharp bends near the promenade, obstacles will be removed and new street furniture will be provided for people to sit down and rest.

Wayfinding around the foreshore will be improved (including directions to public restrooms near Reed Street). A new shared path will be built with cyclist and pedestrian symbols.

On the east side of the lake, at least 70 more trees will be planted along the existing shared path and in the open space of the foreshore this spring and next fall.

The Tuggeranong Skate Park will be resurfaced, damaged ramps replaced in the first half of 2023.

These designs, including artist impressions, are now available to view and provide feedback on the YourSay project page. Comments close Sunday, October 9.

Following community feedback on the design proposals, the government has finalized plans for the new community recreation park in Casey. These include:

  • A multipurpose court, including basketball and other sports;
  • Play equipment for all abilities, nature play and a flying fox to suit a wide range of ages and abilities;
  • Restrooms, shade structures, barbecue and picnic tables to support longer visits to the park;
  • A grassy amphitheater and irrigated green space for general recreation; and
  • Spaces reserved for future use by the community, such as a community garden and a micro-forest.

These designs, including artist impressions, are now available on the YourSay project page.

In the coming weeks, the government will announce further consultations for planned improvements to dog parks in Franklin and Lanyon, and playgrounds in Lyons and Kaleen.


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