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It’s finally cooler and we’re finally getting the much-needed rain to replenish soil moisture; however, we need a lot more rain this winter. Cold, dry winters kill more plants than cold, wet winters. If you’re having withdrawal symptoms because the gardening season is winding down, there’s still plenty to do and there will likely be plenty of nice days in November to enjoy the outdoors. If you’ve had a lot of wind damage from recent storms and significant polar vortex damage from the past two winters, now is a good time to replace dead or badly damaged plants. OK is the go-to place to find the best replacement plants that will work well in Oklahoma. I love that many OK Proven plants are also Oklahoma native plants. OSU also has plenty of plant recommendations for any landscaping needs you may have along with information on where to plant, how to plant, and how to care for plants. You can find information about OK Proven and can research any horticulture questions you have about Oklahoma gardening at I keep the web address saved in my “Favorites” bar so I can just click on it easily.

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