planting guidelines and preparation for winter


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — As August winds down and we focus on fall activities, gardening often takes a back seat. In fact, many of us can get tired of gardening because the plants have wilted or been ravaged by the heat and sun.

Emily Swihart, a horticulture extension educator at the University of Illinois, points out that there are important gardening chores to do to keep your garden and landscape looking their best next season.

Topics covered during the interview include:

Planting bulbs (Two categories of bulbs deserve autumn attention)

  • Tender perennials are those that can be planted year after year but require special winter storage as they will not survive our winters outdoors, such as calla lilies, gladioli, dahlias, elephant, the cannas, etc.
  • Hardy spring-flowering bulbs should be planted this fall. These are things like allium, crocus, common snowdrop, hyacinth, iris, daffodils and tulips, see more at cfm

Trees and shrubs in autumn

  • Now is the perfect time to plant deciduous trees
  • keep watering
  • Consider methods of winter protection against critters

Lawn care

  • It’s a great time to improve the lawn, Extension has a great website dedicated to lawn care in Northern Illinois: ttps://


  • Migration begins and citizen science can help track the population.
  • Tags can be obtained from the Milan office for anyone wishing to participate.

If you are looking for more detailed information, contact the Illinois Extension Office at or call 309-756-9978.

University of Illinois Extension / 321 West 2nd Avenue / Milan, IL 61264 / (309) 756-9978


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