Preparation and Nutrition Needed to Increase Corn Yields

David Newton, Technical Manager at Timac Agro UK

Plan ahead to get the crop off to the best possible start by ensuring the corn gets the right nutrition in a tight timeframe.

Current market conditions provide corn growers with the perfect opportunity to produce a high-value cash crop.

However, to ensure this shows in the clip in the fall, growers cannot rest on their laurels and must ensure they are planting in the right conditions and feeding the crop at the right time.

Corn is a deep-rooting plant, so it needs the best possible seedbed to establish its roots effectively.

To give the crop the best chance of early establishment, it is important to ensure that the seed is placed in moist soil and that the seeding depth should be adjusted accordingly.

When sowing maize, the soil temperature should be 10˚C at 10cm deep, in order to provide a warm environment for the seeds to thrive, maize can be sown in the soil at a depth of 25mm to 100mm.

Those with drier soils should aim to drill deeper, while wetter soils can afford to be drilled closer to the surface.

To continue to encourage growth in the first few weeks, it is important to assess the inputs needed to grow the crop.

David Newton, Technical Manager at Timac Agro UK


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