Preparation before Durga Puja in progress at Kali temple in Delhi


New Delhi [India], Oct 10 (ANI): Amid the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic, preparations are in full swing for the Durga Puja holiday, keeping in mind the guidelines of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) .

Durga Puja will be celebrated from October 11 to October 15 this year.

Speaking of the preparation, Prodip Ganguly, general secretary of the Kali Mandir Society, said, “The DDMA circular issued on September 30 allows worshipers to enter the temple. But there are restrictions like no more than 50 people can enter the temple. There will be no place to sit or stand inside the temple premises and no one will be able to meditate in the temple either, the general secretary of the Kali Mandir Society informed.

“Our main temple will be closed from October 11 to 14. People can only come for ‘darshan’. Our volunteers will be there, we are watching everything,” Ganguly said.

“We made barricades keeping protocol in mind. The faithful will enter through a door, they will see the deity (offer prayers) and then they will come out. They will not be allowed to stay here for long. They will have to keep moving. and will not be allowed to stay in the temple for long. This is how we created a system, ”he added.

Ganguly further stated that there would be no arrangement for “prasad” in the temple this year, as per DDMA guidelines.

“No one can offer prasad, garlands. So we have arranged for the faithful to offer prayers online. All the faithful can do is see the procedure. The religious procedure will be followed depending on prayer, ”he added.

Recalling the festivities before the COVID-19 pandemic, Ganguly informed that daily attendance in the temple pandal was around one lakh and that around 70 to 80 stalls were set up in the pandal.

“Previously, for the immersion process, the procession was out of here. In our colony, around 10 to 12 ‘poojas’ are made. Everyone together used to submerge the ‘murtis’ in a truck. “, did he declare.

“But, as crowd gatherings are prohibited, the procession cannot be performed. So what we did is we made an immersion pit. We will not do any procession. will do inside the Mandir complex, ”added the secretary general of the Kali Mandir Society.

For Bengalis, Durga puja is not just a religious holiday. It is a socio-religious and cultural festival in which the whole community benefits together.

Meanwhile, Govind Nath, a Kolkata idol maker who supplied Goddess Durga’s “Murtis” to Delhi pandals, complained that the DDMA clearance came too late, affecting trade. artisans.

“I received one or two orders from several places. Once permission was granted, people started coming for “murtis”. , it takes time because the soil needs time to prepare. This year there hadn’t been a lot of work. If the government had given permission earlier then everyone would have offered prayers, ”Nath said. (ANI)


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