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Preparation of cultures October 20

Mike Stephens

For California AG today, I’m Mike Stephens, with many crops late in the growing and harvest season. Preparations must be made to ensure a good growing and harvest season for the next year. For thirty-five years, AgroLiquid’s mission has been to design the best liquid fertilizer products while preserving crops, soils and the environment. Every scientific breakthrough they achieve has been tested in the lab and in the field. We conclude our conversation with Dylan Rogers, Account Director of Sales for AgroLiquid. A wide variety of crops need extra care to ensure a quality season

At all levels for your permanent crops. Everything is in some way, whether it is nuts, ideal for reaching the end of the harvest. There are lighter varieties. The citrus is still hanging on the tree and a little off the time that we start to get pruning sugar. Thus, potassium fertilizers, calcium fertilizers are definitely recommended for these times in citrus fruits. If there are still late variety grapes on the vine, certainly potassium and calcium to help increase these sugars, the cotton is probably getting closer, or if it is not already harvesting or deflating . So kind of like fertility is kind of done there. Everything from post-harvest fertility to building sugars and citrus fruits and vines. Again, I would definitely recommend taking soil samples. Make sure you put your cultures to bed, right? You will certainly benefit from it next spring.


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