Preparation on the war footing in Aligarh for the visit of the Prime Minister; Yogi rushes to Aligarh for a last minute exam


Aligarh: Preparations are underway on a war footing for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the Lodha region of Aligarh on Tuesday to lay the foundation stone for Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University and the corridor node defense Aligarh.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister CM Yogi Adityanath Yogi Adityanath and Deputy CM Dr Dinesh Sharma rushed to Aligarh at noon on Monday to review the arrangements.

The two leaders could stay in Aligarh overnight to take stock of last-minute preparations, officials said on Monday.

However, preparations were being completed at the Lodha site as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s main stage was ready, which will have decorations and other props on Tuesday.

Two more platforms are being built on either side of the Prime Minister’s Platform for MPs, MPs and BJP elected officials.

Waterlogging after the rains on Saturday and Sunday was corrected by the addition of ash, soil and sand. In some places, arrangements have been made to drain the water by digging pits. The main structure has been erected. The upper roof has been installed. Arrangements for the movement of people have been tested by placing around 5,000 chairs here.

At around 11 a.m., the SPG team repeated the landing and take-off with the helicopter since Sunday.

District Magistrate Selva Kumari J herself oversaw each arrangement.

The PM is expected to lay the foundation stone for Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh University and the node of the Aligarh Defense Corridor in Lodha around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The university model has been updated after the instructions of CM Yogi.

The proposed model and the 3D map of the university were updated by the Noida-based company Design Associate Incorporated, Architecture, after the suggestion of the Chief Minister, in which the ramparts and the upper part of the university were shaped according to the global stature of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh.

According to the updated model, the main building, entrance and other buildings of the university will now be tall and look like a historic fort. The ramparts and gates of most buildings will be in the form of a palace. Their height and the dome design will be visible. These will be in the form of an ancient temple or palace. The university will be visible from the highway, for which a six-lane road will be built from the main gate. This university will be huge and awe-inspiring that people will come here to see it. Its main entrance was designed according to the King’s story.

A senior PWD official said the updated model arrived on Sunday.

He will be decorated on Monday near PM Modi’s stage in Lodha, which will be observed by CM Yogi. Here, for entrepreneurs who have been unable to secure land in the defense industrial corridor, preparations are underway for the allocation of land in the nearby village of Kiratpur Nimana.

The main gate to the defense corridor, which is located face to face on either side of the Aligarh-Palwal highway, will look grand. The map of the main corridor gate on both sides of the highway was transmitted by UPEDA.

UPEDA local project manager RK Verma said the employment plan prepared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for an Autonomous India will be promoted in the middle of the highway and both main doors. Investors investing in the corridor have installed the boards of their units.

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