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Nobel Laureates and Experts Call for Joint Action on World Socio-Economic Issues

ALULA: Nobel laureates and experts gathered at a major conference here have urged world leaders, organizations and individuals to work together to solve the planet’s pressing socio-economic and health challenges, just as they did around the COVID-19 pandemic.

The call was made during a panel discussion entitled “Uniting the world: do we miss a common cause?” Sunday at the 2022 Hegra Conference of Nobel Laureates and Friends.

The gathering brings together Nobel Peace Prize laureates in economics, literature, physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine, with social and political leaders, to discuss major social issues world and propose solutions to improve the state of humanity.

The discussion took place at the Maraya Concert Hall in AlUla and included Shoura Council member Maha Al-Senan; Teacher. Karen Hallberg, 2019 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science laureate; and Professor Mohan Munasinghe, winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

During the discussion, Al-Senan said that in a changing world, one-to-one communication has become effective and should be used to strengthen joint action in the face of global challenges. “We have to take that into consideration. Today we can understand people from different cultures and realize that we are alike. Our problems are alike, our cases are alike,” she told Arab News.


The gathering brings together Nobel Peace Prize laureates from economics, literature, physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine, with social and political leaders on key issues.

“I think at this time…we should talk person to person, nation as individuals to others to make ourselves more visible, to show that we have common interests,” he said. she declared.

“We have common problems (so) if we have a way to solve this problem, we can share this knowledge with others instead of always going through governments. It’s a trend that is happening, it’s already there. As researchers, we need to study this, not always to focus only on the impact and actions of governments,” she added.

Al-Senan used the Kingdom as an example and said that in the past people thought Saudi Arabia was a closed nation and its “people were not welcoming. They think about what is happening today, dealing with individuals face to face either through tourists, people who come to work in the Kingdom or through social platforms… nations have experienced Arabia Saudi Arabia through individuals,” she said.

“And now they have a different perspective on our nation, on our society. Now people see us in a different way,” she added.

Hallberg called the COVID-19 vaccine an example of collective responsibility and the world working together against the pandemic.

“Scientists around the world were able to come up with a vaccine very quickly and that was fundamental to really beating the virus and the pandemic,” she told Arab News.

Kholoud Al-Manea, Head of Destination Management at the Royal Commission for AlUla, said the region has always been a crossroads of civilization where people have come together to share their intellectual knowledge, solutions and ideas.

“The main objective of this event … is to create breakthrough results that (will become) tangible initiatives that we will implement over the next 14 months in AlUla,” she said.


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