Scottish student designs prescription form to plant


A STUDENT at a Scottish university has designed an innovative plantable prescription form with the aim of encouraging people to spend more time in nature.

Kirubhagar Ballah Krisnaah, a student at the University of Dundee, was inspired by a city initiative that allows healthcare professionals to prescribe time outdoors.

Kirubhagar chose to explore whether plantable seeded paper can increase engagement in gardening and green spaces as part of his MSc Product Design course.

His work is featured in the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design Masters Show 2022, which opens this week.

Kirubhagar’s idea of ​​planting seed paper ordinances attempts to encourage people to spend time outdoors.

It is well known that spending time outdoors can greatly improve health and well-being.

In Dundee, doctors can prescribe patients to spend time in nature through the Green Health Prescription pathway, a project developed by the Dundee Green Health Partnership.

Intrigued by the initiative, Kirubhagar, 28, set out to develop the idea as part of his master’s project.

As part of his research, he spent time with volunteers in community gardens and spoke with local GPs, and his end product sees the green health prescription reimagined on plantable paper lined with watercress seeds.

Speaking today, Kirubhagar said: “I had no idea where this project would take me.

“My second semester module focused on research by design, and I had to focus on community health gardens.

“I spent time in a community garden in Inverkeithing as part of my research and that’s where I learned about green health prescriptions.

“After speaking with local GPs, I learned that it can often be difficult to encourage people with certain conditions to spend time outdoors.

“I thought, how can we motivate them to come out? What’s an easy way to encourage them to get out into nature? This is where the concept comes from.

“I first thought of sticking seeds to the bottom of the paper prescription, but soon discovered that using plantable seed paper was more effective.

“The only problem was finding someone who was willing to let me use their printer paper.”

He went on to say, “The idea is that people who get the prescription can just tear off a piece and plant it.

“I specifically chose watercress seeds because they will sprout within days – for this to have an impact you need to see the change happening in front of you.

“The idea is to make the process transparent and reduce one variable in the equation so that people who have been prescribed ‘green prescriptions’ have a better chance of taking up gardening or other outdoor activities. air to improve their health”

Kirubhagar’s product was designed solely for display at the Masters Show, an annual event that attracts hundreds of visitors each year.


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