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STIHL electric weeder (MH 710) with matching accessories

It is important to prepare the land before planting the rice for a successful yield. A well-prepared field keeps weeds away, recycles plant nutrients, and provides a loose soil mass for transplanting as well as a good soil surface for direct seeding.

Land preparation can range from no tillage or minimum tillage, which reduces soil disturbance, to completely “mushy” soil, which destroys soil structure. The land preparation process 4 steps:

Plowing is used to “plough” or dig, mix and turn the soil; harrowing is used to break up clods and incorporate plant debris, swamping is done to keep the soil moist; and finally, leveling is used to level the ground.

After your last harvest or any time the land is not in use, begin the initial land preparation. This is necessary for good weed control and soil enrichment. Preparing the field for planting takes about 3 to 4 weeks on average.

Why is soil preparation necessary for growing paddy?

  • To bring a wavy field back into the equalized outfield after puddle

  • To maintain a constant water depth in the field

  • To increase water efficiency, use while maintaining a shallow water depth

  • To ensure supplements are used effectively, a consistent water depth is maintained throughout the field.

  • For a more even distribution of oxygen

Land preparation process:

Plowing is the main tillage task that includes cutting, breaking and turning the soil to make it partially or completely ready for seeding. Plowing helps farmers obtain a deep seedbed of good texture, increase the water-holding capacity of the soil, and improve soil aeration. Apart from that, plowing turns the soil which helps in destroying weeds, pests and insects. Farmers can find a range of machines for plowing, however, the STIHL Power Weeder (MH 710) with plow attachment is the best in the game as it helps with all the tasks listed above.

STIHL Power Weeder (MH 710) with plow attachment
STIHL Power Weeder (MH 710) with plow attachment

Harrowing is a shallow secondary tillage technique for smoothing and pulverizing the soil, as well as cutting weeds and mixing materials with the soil. Harrowing helps destroy grasses and seeds in the field and mixes crop residues with topsoil. However, harrowing is only done when the moisture content of the clods is reduced. This process requires the STIHL Power Weeder (MH 710) with the Deep Tines attachment which can be used for deep rotary tillage.

Puddling is the process of churning water into the ground. After plowing with a peasant plow, the pudding is made on paddy fields with standing water 5-10 cm deep. It stirs up the earth and breaks up clods. Puddle formation decreases water percolation and leaching, while making the soil softer for transplanting paddy seedlings. The ideal machine to use during this stage is the STIHL Power Weeder (MH 710) with the Puddling Wheel attachment which not only plows and turns the soil, but can also be used to improve traction in wet ground.

Power Weeder (MH 710) with Puddling Wheel Attachment
Power Weeder (MH 710) with Puddling Wheel Attachment

Land leveling is believed to lead to a long-term increase in land value. Leveling is done to change the existing contours of the land to a more level ground for proper water distribution. This step improves surface drainage and minimizes soil erosion and even the establishment of crops and crop stands.

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First Published: May 18, 2022, 04:35 IST


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