Starbucks introduces new mug designs for the holidays


Courtesy of Starbucks

The unveiling of the annual Starbucks holiday mug designs is a momentous occasion. This signals the change of seasons when we finally put the pumpkin spices to rest and start shopping for holiday gifts under stress. Plus, it wouldn’t be fair to sip your peppermint mocha from a generic tumbler. Where’s the fun in that?

The Seattle-based coffee giant launched not one but four new vacation-inspired mug designs on Wednesday. These are the Wrapping Paper Cup, Ribbon Cup, Holiday Light Cup, and Sugar Cane Cup.

“These vacations, we wanted them to be magical, we wanted them to be warm and we wanted them to be inclusive,” said Starbucks associate creative director. Suzie Reecer said in a blog post. “Our goal was to truly bring joy to every customer and every partner.”

Courtesy of Starbucks
Courtesy of Starbucks

For this year’s campaign, the creative team brought back their classic hues of red, green and white but with the addition of a frosted lilac, as well as a small gift tag on the back of each mug so you can personalize your festive drinks. Starting November 4, you can pick up the Festive Red Mugs in the US and Canada when you order a Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, Burnt Caramel Latte, Praline Chestnut Latte, or any other hot holiday drink.

“I’m so looking forward to the vacation in our stores. I think it’s going to bring so much happiness to everyone at a time when we’re all really ready for it,” Reecer added in the post. “We hope Starbucks can be a place that brings pure vacation joy to our customers and partners.”

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