The 3 best gardening tips you can learn from IKEA


Add a dose of green to your outdoor space with this hanging moss accent, a ball of soil used to grow decorative indoor plants. A traditional Japanese art form, according to the Missouri Botanical Garden, kokedama was once called “poor man’s bonsai.” The reason it’s called that is because bonsai was quite expensive back then, and a kokedama ball was a way to make your own bonsai using whatever plant you had available. This meditative technique not only looks super cute, but also creates a connection with nature through the combination of earth and moss.

The tools you will need to make a kokedama ball are a jug of water, a cup, two types of cotton (one thin and one thicker to wrap your ball), scissors, a mister, and a bowl of mud. As for natural materials, you will need peat, sphagnum, akadama soil and a plant with a nice stem.

Next, you will need to prepare the ball. Combining akadama soil with peat moss in a 1:11 mix helps keep the ball moist, so you won’t need to water it as often. You can combine the two with your hands, moisten the mixture with water and make a hole for your plant’s roots. Once you have the hole, gently slide the roots of your plant into the hole and tamp the ball around them. Finally, wrap your ball in sphagnum moss sheet, and voila!


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