The parallel evaporator improves the preparation of bioremediation samples



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  • Dated: 22 November 2021

BioChromato Inc. posted an interview that describes a new bioremediation technique developed by a leading environmental research center and how the Smart Evaporator C1 offers a productive tool to prepare microbial degradation culture media for analysis.

The new bioremediation technique, based on patented degrading microorganisms impregnated with charred wood, has been shown to detoxify persistent organic pollutants (POPs) that cannot be broken down by natural processes in the soil.

To better understand and control the dynamics of POPs in the environment, it has been deemed essential to determine the chemical structure of minute amounts of water-soluble metabolites, resulting from pesticide-degrading microorganisms, by LC / MS or by structural monocrystalline X-rays. . analysis.

Traditionally, preparing samples of microbial degradation culture media for analysis has been a tedious process using a rotary evaporator to evaporate the culture medium while azeotrope with acetonitrile. Using this process, samples were often found to be contaminated with water due to the vapor adsorbed by the water heating bath. Additionally, as the microbial liquid culture media samples tended to become more viscous as they were concentrated, researchers had to closely monitor the process to avoid solvent shock and the resulting sample loss. .

Using a C1 smart evaporator, the Environmental Research Center can now evaporate culture medium samples without azeotropy, saving considerable time and avoiding the costly use of unfriendly organic solvents. “. In addition, since the smart evaporator does not use a water bath to heat the samples, the problem of vapor contamination has been eliminated. Finally, since the smart evaporator C1 operates at normal pressure, there is no risk of shock with the solvent, which means that samples could be left to dry unattended.

Based on patented vacuum vortex concentration technology, the C1 smart evaporator offers fast and efficient evaporation in tubes or vials without solvent shock, eliminating the risk of sample loss, cross-contamination and saving time for the researcher. The system is a proven laboratory tool for the safe and rapid removal of samples of high boiling point solvents, such as water, in volumes ranging from 40ml to 0.1ml.

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