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Tomu is a modular construction startup founded in 2020. Based in Washington, DC, the company debuted its model Studio Villa unit at the Innovative Housing Showcase, and we’re certainly in love. The Studio Villa offers more than you would expect from a tiny home or modular home unit these days. Plus, a serene style with premium designs sets this model apart from other modular homes.

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Initially, Tomu showcased his Studio Villa on the National Mall in Washington, DC, and attracted developers, investors, and government officials. They saw what was possible with these mobile housing blocks.

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Construction workers installing the Studio Villa modular home on the National Mall.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development and the National Association of Home Builders presented the three-day Innovative Housing Showcase. The event showcased new building mechanics as well as housing solutions that make housing more sustainable and low cost.

The exterior of the Studio Villa, showing its inspired design and elegant look.

European and Asian housing styles inspired the Studio Villa. In fact, the model unit is designed for multiple purposes such as personal accommodation and guest accommodation. The studio range offers multiple layouts including a studio option as well as 1 and 2 bedroom floor plans. Each pre-made floor plan is shipped to the buyer’s site with minimal on-site assembly and labor.

High windows providing lots of natural light in the dining room.

As for the specifics, the studio option measures 20 feet by 24 feet, or about 480 square feet, and starts at $99,500. That doubles to 40 feet by 24 feet at 960 square feet for the 1-bedroom villa starting at $179,500. That’s not all, as the 60-by-24-foot 2-bedroom villa tops out at 1,440 square feet for $259,500. Add-ons are available at an additional cost.

The sunny interior of the Studio villa with seats built into the wall.

“The showcase reinforced our belief that there is a large-scale demand for a new type of modular living option that is flexible enough to be used in different applications,” said Chris Osaka, CEO of Tomu.

What sets villa models apart from other modular homes is the style and finish of the materials. The large windows look quite spacious from the inside, while details like a window seat with wood paneling give the villa a pleasant style. In the bathroom, a high-end soaking tub paired with a wall-mounted faucet creates a calm ambiance. Undoubtedly, these designs are influencing architects and designers to add more to small spaces at low cost.

Villa Studio's modern kitchen and bathroom.

We love cooking. The model features a sleek sink, composite countertops, flush cabinetry, and a large window to take in the view. We may see these models used in the future as small Airbnb resorts powered by solar energy or in dense suburban areas in need of quick housing.

Currently you can book separate Tomu Villa units or speak to the company about multiple orders.


Images via Tomu


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