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Certain features are all the rage in lavish properties, however, as owners have shifted their priorities over the past couple of years, home designs have evolved to reflect this.

Anna Pearce, construction and design consultant for Riverstone Custom Homes, said some must-haves for homes include a custom-designed floor plan to meet each client’s needs and wants.

“Sustainability is important to our customers,” she said.

“We have incorporated garages for three or four cars, or more, when children grow up and have their own car, as well as electric car charging provisions for future electric vehicles, and wider door frames and lifts or elevators for future accessibility.

“Popular inclusions are guest suites with kitchenettes and large bathrobes in case relatives are visiting or for multi-generational living.

“Effective storage is always a must – this can include large stores in the garage for bikes, camping gear and gardening tools.

“A cloakroom or drop-off area is often included in the design, and fitted wardrobes are custom designed and manufactured through our interior design process.”

Ms Pearce said finishes such as high ceilings, raised door frames, cavity slides and pivot doors, full-height tiling and commercial windows and glazing were also luxury home staples.

Influencing popular home building trends, COVID-19 has changed the way we live at home, with many working remotely requiring a home setup that works efficiently.

“We see a need for better home office spaces – clients want the study to be spacious, sometimes big enough for two people to work from home,” Ms Pearce said. “Clients are looking for quiet and comfortable study rooms, positioned to make them an attractive workspace.

“Cabinets, windows and built-in furniture are taken into account to ensure the comfort of the space.

“Electronic corners or information technology stations can also be integrated into the kitchen or living areas to act as a study station for children and a place to store appliances.

“People are looking for well-designed, well-zoned, comfortable family homes that they can escape to and enjoy for many years to come.”

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