Treehouse ideas: 10 luxury designs to inspire you


A childhood favorite, tree house ideas are an often overlooked addition to the garden. We’re all familiar with the little covered platform, nestled in the branches of a tree, accessed by a ladder or rope bridge – however, these simple designs are a world away from modern tree house ideas.

From round modules and castles to multi-room designs including functional kitchens and bathrooms, our treehouse ideas offer a characterful addition to your landscaping ideas. Treehouses can also be used to alleviate indoor space issues, providing dream home office ideas, providing accommodation for guests or even an additional income stream.

“Everyone loves treehouses. They make you smile, no matter how old or young you are. They add value to your property and make an amazing and fun feature in the garden. With everything going on in In the world right now, having a safe place to retreat to in your own backyard is more important than ever,” says Henry Durham, Founder of High Life Treehouses. (opens in a new tab).

Treehouse ideas – planning and design

When it comes to your treehouse design, approach them the same way you would any other garden room idea. Focus on its purpose, whether entertainment, work or play, as this will define its look, feel and layout. Additionally, when designing the exterior of your treehouse, consider the landscape and your pre-existing garden ideas, especially if your treehouse ideas are likely to be visible from the exterior. or from within.

1. Get the perfect exterior

exterior of the cabin in the forest

(Image credit: Itago Media/Lanrick)

When deciding on the exterior design of your treehouse, it is important that it blends in with its surroundings. Opting for natural or reclaimed materials will help your treehouse feel like it’s always been there – wood or stone are the preferred choices and go well with treehouse decorating ideas. However, even if you go for a rustic exterior, that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt more luxurious and sophisticated ideas inside.

2. Think about access

Treehouse with rope bridge and lighting

(Image credit: Getty Images)

How you will access your treehouse is an essential part of its initial design. There are many different options, from the classic ladder or rope bridge to more formal stairs.

The design you settle on will be partially influenced by the purpose of your treehouse. If it is to accommodate visitors, a ladder may be impractical with luggage or for people with reduced mobility. On the other hand, a rope ladder would be a popular choice for children who want the ability to restrict access to their secret hiding place.

3. Design a luxury interior

Bedroom in a treehouse designed by Main Company

(Image credit: Main Company/Chirs Snook)

Gone are the days when the tree house was just an empty wooden structure, furnished with an old carpet and deckchairs. Now tree house ideas can feature all the modern amenities of your main property, from lighting ideas and running water to gas, electric and heating. A wood-burning stove is a popular addition, not only providing warmth but creating a cozy atmosphere, perfect for relaxing on a chilly evening.

Apply the same design principles to your treehouse ideas as you would to other rooms in your home and draw inspiration from traditional decorating ideas to help create a warm and inviting space.

4. Consider amenities and provisions

fully functional orange kitchen in Main Company Chris Snook tree house

(Image credit: Main Company/Chris Snook)

If you plan to use your treehouse as a bed and breakfast or a peaceful retreat away from home, you need to think about amenities. Insulation and power are key to creating a room that can be used all year round. The approach is similar to other outbuildings, “having an insulated tiled roof will keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, with underfloor heating being a popular heating option,” says Penny Whitlock, manager of Julius Bahn . (opens in a new tab).

A stove, whether electric or wood-burning, also creates a cozy space inside. An electrician should be able to run cable underground from your home, but if you’re looking for a more durable solution, consider rooftop solar panels.

There are many small kitchen ideas that would work well as part of your treehouse design. This kitchen, provided by The Main Company (opens in a new tab) for wild getaways (opens in a new tab)has everything you would need for breakfast on the balcony.

5. Install a terrace around your treehouse

treehouse terrace

(Image credit: Lanrick/Itago Media)

If you plan to build among the trees, it is important to provide space where you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Building on deck ideas and building an all-encompassing outdoor space will allow you to make the most of your treehouse’s fabulous setting, but be sure to include strong deck railing ideas for safety. . Pair it with outdoor patio furniture for a space to enjoy outside meal, or install a jacuzzi for a space of relaxation.

6. Get inspired by luxury treehouse hotels

large round treehouse

(Image credit: Chewton Glen)

Treehouses have been growing in popularity as a popular vacation spot, so why not take design inspiration from the professionals? This cute treehouse in beautiful Chewton Glen (opens in a new tab) is a perfectly self-contained space, including an outdoor hot tub, wood-burning stove, mini kitchenette, and marble bathroom; it’s a real home away from home.

7. Make room for bathing

outdoor freestanding bath on deck of townhouse

(Image credit: fauve)

Embrace the recent outdoor bathing trend with your tree house ideas. Rather than adding a pool or hot tub, the number of people embracing their favorite bathing ideas in nature has increased. For a rustic and characterful swim, find out how to set up an outdoor bathroom in an intimate corner of the terrace of your treehouse.

8. Maximize windows to take advantage of the view

French windows in treehouse living room with bed and bathtub

(Image credit: fauve)

If you have great views, it seems like a shame to block them off with solid walls – incorporate areas of glazing into your treehouse instead. Consider adding patio door ideas leading to a patio – which will flood the treehouse with light while providing a stunning backdrop to your home decor.

9. Add a fire pit to your tree house ideas

Lighted fireplace in the treehouse terrace area

(Image credit: blue forest)

Fire pits are becoming a staple in the garden, providing equal parts warmth and atmosphere and deterring insects – allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space well into the evening. In a treehouse, as in any wooden building, care should be taken when incorporating fire sources, whether indoors or outdoors. However, with the right design, you can incorporate an outdoor fire pit into your tree house ideas – never leave the fire unattended and have a fire extinguisher handy, and never light an open fire in dry areas where forest fires are a risk.

10. Don’t forget the kids

Cute treehouse for the kids in the backyard

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Even with all those luxury designs that are perfect home extensions, sometimes a treehouse can just be a cute addition that provides a place to play. This quaint design would be perfect as part of backyard ideas for kids and is based on a traditional house with a red room and faux wood frame and would quickly become a favorite with younger family members.

Is the tree house a good idea?

Yes, the tree house is a good idea for both adults and children. A treehouse offers a great alternative to a playroom, quirky home office, or even a guest room. Much more character than your standard backyard building, a treehouse can provide the same benefits, while allowing you to expand your space without taking up a large footprint.

What does each treehouse need?

Every treehouse needs a roof, walls, floor, and an access point (whether that’s a ladder, rope bridge, or similar). Everything else is optional and will depend on the style and purpose of your tree house ideas. If you plan to use your treehouse as accommodation – either for guests or to be rented out – it will need insulation, water, gas and electricity, all of which can be integrated to the point of construction.


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