Two 50 MW EDF solar sites move into site preparation and construction


Published: 20 June 2022, 11:36

Sites should see biodiversity improvements, including new hedgerows and wildlife corridors. Image: EDF.

Two of EDF Renewables UK’s 49.9MW solar PV projects are currently in the site preparation and construction phase, having been added to its portfolio last year.

These two projects are the 49.9 MW Burwell site in South East Cambridgeshire and the 49.9 MW Porth Wen site in Anglesey.

The first generation is expected in the fourth quarter of 2022, with EDF Renewables UK solar energy manager Ben Fawcett saying: “The sites enjoy abundant sunshine and are close to a grid connection, which makes makes excellent locations for solar power.

Community charity funds of £20,000 each year for each project must be available, with parish and community councils involved to ensure flexible funding is used to support local priorities, which EDF says could be programs educational materials, a new kit for sports teams, biodiversity initiatives and much more.

The sites themselves are expected to see improvements in biodiversity, with EDF Renewables UK planning to set up wildlife corridors, plant new hedgerows and, in the case of Burwell, establish 1.8 hectares of new reedbeds.

EDF is currently working with sustainability consultancy Nature Positive to explore the positive impacts of large-scale solar projects on biodiversity, soil health and farmland management. Since the beginning of the month, it has been looking for partners to undertake ecological research at Longfield Solar Farm, a new photovoltaic power station proposed by EDF and co-developer Padero Solar in Essex.

In addition to Burwell and Porth Wen, EDF Renewables has 3 GW of solar projects at various stages of development or in planning. In May it submitted a planning application for a 49.9MW solar farm in Northamptonshire, while in April construction of the 49.9MW Sutton Bridge solar farm began.


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