University students: loan for merit without guarantees

University students: loan for merit without guarantees


All university students residing in Italy are funded without the need for family or personal guarantees, but only a good performance in their studies: this is a new opportunity offered . First initiative of the Impact Fund , as part of its Business Plan for the categories with difficulty in accessing credit, confirms the strategic role of education for the economic and social growth of the country. Thanks to this funding, more young people will be able to afford to study, specialize or train as a professional, acquiring titles and skills for a better career.


Students are offered access to a credit line only on condition that they are in good standing with their studies . In particular, it is required to maintain a rate of at least twenty credits (CFU) or 80% of the exams included in the study plan during the semester.

To be able to apply for funding without guarantees but " for Merit ", are all Italian students enrolled at an Italian or foreign university, post-graduate high education institutionsor a master's degree. From the second quarter of 2019 the possibility will also be extended to those who attend ITS - Higher Technical Institutes and other secondary post-secondary education institutions, as well as to students who are interested in participating or extending the period abroad .

The loan

The loan

To the financing "for Merit" is applied a fixed advantageous rate (today equal to 2%), however paid to the fund ( Fund for Impact ) in order to increase its effectiveness with a virtuous mutual-type mechanism. Also interesting are the methods of repayment of the loan: the payment can start two years after the achievement of the title, a "bridge period" during which it is hoped that the student can find work. It is also possible to return the credit up to 30 years , with a low monthly payment.

The credit line

  • up to € 5,000 a year for out-of-town employees and € 3,000 for those studying at the university for up to five years to cover study, mobility, residency and training periods abroad;
  • for universities abroad, master or special characteristics of the course of study can be up to a maximum of 50,000 euros.

The credit line for Merit can be used in whole or in part, immediately or over time according to the needs that emerged during the studies. There are no usage restrictions: tuition fees, PCs, school materials, rent for accommodation for those who study off-site or otherwise.


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