“We were able to keep our calm and trust our preparation” – Ebbsfleet United Football Club


Waited for 73 minutes to see his side break through against a relentless Braintree Town team last night, fleet boss Dennis Kutrieb insisted his players show the conviction and tenacity to win different types. of matches in different circumstances.

After taking a 1-0 lead with 10 men at Eastbourne on Saturday, visiting Braintree was a whole different challenge at home and Kutrieb had told his players exactly what to expect ahead of the Kuflink Stadium clash. This was no better illustrated than in the post-match stats which saw Fleet’s success rate of 449 to the visitors’ 71, an 11-to-one corner number and a crosses ratio. from 31 for the home team to three for Braintree!

“This is what you should expect all season long,” fleet manager Charles Webster of BBC Radio Kent told BBC Radio Kent. “It’s not always the same, that’s why you have to be prepared for every opponent. We knew they were going to sit deep, we knew they were dangerous with the counter attacks, we knew they weren’t the fittest team to play for 90 minutes [at] high pace.

“So we knew we would have enough chances in the second half and we have to be calm, we have to do what we are doing and do it with determination, do it with pace. Everyone in the stadium probably thought I was crazy, but this is exactly the situation where you have to start over, start over, even if you have 10, 12, 14, 15, regardless of the shots, corners and odds. . You have to move on to the next one. Regardless, you have 90 minutes and even if you have one goal ahead, you can try the second.

“The boys are in good shape to be able to do it, they don’t need to manage the game, they don’t need to waste time. It was a terrible game for the fans because they were slowing everything down, every five minutes there was an injury, each bullet was 30, 40, 50 seconds [until] it’s back. It’s not really pleasant for me either but we are doing well and we have scored two goals and I think it is well deserved.

“The two games [Eastbourne and Braintree], it was an exceptional defensive work of the whole team, two clean sheets, we could not ask for more. We’re still capable of scoring goals, we know that as a team and it took a while to be honest. We had many chances that they defended with everything they had and it was not easy.

The goals came through Rakish Bingham before he became Dominic Poleon’s eighth of the season supplier and that brought the two forwards tally to a total of 13 this campaign – something Kutrieb knew could unlock. even the tightest defenses.

“That’s what we said [after the first goal]», Declared the boss of the fleet. “Now they’ll open up a bit more so we have to put the ball behind and Dom can go and score his goal. For me as a manager that’s always the thing you need to talk about because you can also score one. second. I know I’m very demanding and sometimes I’m annoying too, I know that, but you can score one or two more goals at the end and that’s what we have to do. I’m glad we have them. three points, so don’t get me wrong again – like Saturday – if someone told me before we would win 2-0, three points at home, a clean sheet, I would take it all all day but now after the game of course , we should have scored one or two more goals in the end.

“[For the penalty], to be honest, I haven’t seen it. I saw [Greg Cundle] go down too but he’s injured so it must be a foul because he wanted to go out, it was an ankle injury so there must be a foul. I haven’t seen it on video again so I can’t say anything [more]. “

And Kutrieb once again praised the home fans for staying with their squad even though the frustration could have set in at 0-0.

“I felt like the boys on the pitch were a little more nervous sometimes than the fans,” he said. “My feeling was that the fans were very calm, they have the feeling like me that we are going to score our goal. Even if it’s a 0-0 at the end it’s football, sometimes you don’t score a goal. because they defend brilliantly and you have to stick to your plan, you have to keep doing it.

“The fans all season long, they really push the boys, they help them a lot. And the boys have confidence in themselves and it was much better in the second half. In the first half it was sometimes like we wanted to do too much too soon and it has to happen now right now. In football you have 90 minutes of time and you know you have to do things rhythmically when you have the ball, but if that doesn’t happen you have to move on.


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