White Dining Room Ideas – 10 Designs To Brighten Up Dinner Time


White dining room ideas can be difficult to achieve. Too cool, and you risk a cold, uninviting clinical feeling. Too hot and it can quickly appear outdated.

While we love a dark, dramatic dining room to add atmosphere, you can’t beat a clean minimalist scheme that begs you to take all the little details.

When considering dining room ideas, don’t think of them as just places to serve mundane family dinners. Rather, they should be treated as a celebratory space to welcome good news, hug distant relatives, and show your friends a drink or two of something special.

At breakfast time, it’s the perfect canvas to decorate a table and sit down with a hot bowl of oatmeal, stacks of pancakes, or maybe eggs.

Plus, whether you are renting, buying or selling your home, white dining rooms are the perfect starting point to unleash your inner creativity …

White dining room ideas to wow

1. Take it outside with a living room-style dining setup

Scandinavian white wooden bench in a covered porch by John Lewis & Partners

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

“Enjoy a hassle-free break, make the most of the lazy days by treating your home like a hotel,” says Helen Stone, interior writer for John Lewis & Associates.

“Your home has been working hard lately, but if it’s going to be your vacation home as well, it’s time to take a new approach. Forget about chores, working from home and tedious jobs. Treat your four walls like your favorite stay and prepare some relaxation areas where everyone can relax in peace. ‘

2. Add organic materials for a nature-inspired scheme

Scandinavian style dining area with rattan shade and shelf by Habitat

(Image credit: Habitat)

Add lots of texture and monochrome decor in the form of black dining chairs and framed prints in your white dining room.

“The layering of natural and tactile materials like seaweed and jute gives life to a neutral dining space. Reactive glaze ceramic will add extra texture; try the style on open shelves to give the setting a neat yet relaxed feel. ‘ says David Hutcheson, senior household designer at Habitat.

3. Or use a shelf as a room divider to zone living spaces

White and rattan dining area with open storage by IKEA

(Image credit: IKEA)

Fresh, light and airy, this dining room features furniture made from eco-friendly materials, versatile shelving and other clever solutions.

While an integral part of the light and white wood kitchen design, IKEA’s ELVARI open shelving storage acts as a room divider to separate it from the living room.

Use it to display your favorite decorative items and can be used in both rooms. We suggest candles, books, houseplants, and maybe even a board game or two.

4. Add several light sources to create an atmosphere

Dining area by IKEA with rattan chairs, white floor lamp and white lampshades

(Image credit: IKEA)

No matter how short of time we are these days, we should always be spending time with family. One of the most convenient times to do this is after work and school at the dinner table.

Dining is more than just a quick bite to eat. It’s a time to talk, socialize and most of all enjoy the food that chef mom or dad has spent time preparing. It is said that you taste with all of your senses, so it is important that you can see what is in front of you.

In addition to a hanging pendant, also complete the dining room with floor lamps. This will not only ensure that you can see who you are talking to, but can also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

5. Add white shutters to prevent light from entering while eating

White Burley shutters in the dining room by Thomas Sanderson

(Image credit: Thomas Sanderson)

We know that white can illuminate a room and also refresh it. You will only have to look back on vacations in Europe to remember the cosmopolitan Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini with their whitewashed houses and buildings.

But there is nothing worse than the sunlight shining in your eyes as you try to eat. And this is where a good window treatment idea comes in handy.

These Burley shutters from Thomas sanderson are an idyllic addition to your white dining room decor.

6. Create a focal point with a splash of color

White dining room with long wooden dining table, wall decor ideas and three pendant lights by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

We can always trust Farrow & Ball to give us something a little different when it comes to white dining room ideas.

To create this look, paint your walls in Blackened No. 2011. Their coldest white, with even the slightest hint of gray, has historically been made with the addition of sooty black pigment from the smoke of lit oil lamps.

Then use a “cleaner” unpigmented white like All White No.2001 on the ceiling to add contrast and draw the eye upwards. Of course, you don’t have to use these shades. Finding the best shades of white paint for your dining room is a completely personal decision.

Here in the wall insert detail they used Pink Ground No. 230, a dusty shade of blush with lots of yellow pigment that keeps it from being too sweet.

To add style to your white dining room, add colorful details and keep everything high. Here, the combination of an organized “shelf” and dangling ball-shaped pendants are talking points between the delicious food you will be serving.

Joa Studholme, Color Consultant at Farrow & Ball, explains: “The combination of unexpected shades and crisp white accents strikes the perfect balance of versatility and visual interest, creating a dining space perfectly suited to everything from small- Lazy weekend lunches to after dinner drinks. ‘

7. Combine white with gray for a contemporary touch

Cox and Cox painted white dining table

(Image credit: Cox and Cox)

Crafted from solid pine wood with a beautiful whitewashed finish, this dining table and bench are designed from Cox and Cox features an elegantly simple design that beautifully celebrates the wood finish and makes a great canvas for year round style. Perfect for any white dining space.

In spring, decorate with Easter-themed accessories such as eggs and rabbits and in winter, decorate the table with faux furs, mini Christmas trees and holly leaves.

The idea of ​​the added round mirror works to make a small dining room bigger … and is great for checking if there is anything in your teeth!

8. Make white “friendly” with wipable and washable household items

High Gloss White Dining Table by Fishpools

(Image credit: Fishpools)

If you have a large family or with young children, you will know too much about spills and stains from all kinds of condiments and sauces.

Whether it’s gravy, mustard, spilled juice or ketchup, we know the face you pull on wondering if the pigmented food coloring will come out of your tablecloth and carpet.

Rather than spending hours scrubbing and washing, a high gloss table in a white dining room idea will allow you to wipe clean surfaces in an instant. So you won’t have to ask the kids to sit in another room to eat, and you can also have something to suit your white kitchen ideas.

Place a washable mat under the feet to make sure food debris stays in one spot and can either be vacuumed up or tossed in the washing machine and hung to dry.

“White has traditionally been associated with wealth because it takes time and effort to maintain such a clean feeling, but make it easier on yourself by choosing washable surfaces and removable chair covers that can be washed off,” Stone explains.

9. Living in an apartment? Paint the walls to add interest

White dining room with striped wall decoration by Dulux

(Image credit: Dulux)

Whether you live in a house or are looking for apartment ideas, decorating your dining room should always be neat. But decorating that room or area with furniture can often eat up your budget.

So how can you style a white dining room idea? The answer: sample paint cans or leftover emulsion.

The world is your oyster when it comes to decorating your dining room walls, but be respectful to your guests! Less is more, because you don’t want something that will deter them from their meal.

10. Mix and match chair decor for a lived-in look

White dining room by Fritz Fryer with smoked glass pendant lights and matching chairs with distressed dining table

(Image credit: Fritz Fryer)

When we think of white as a color, we often think of it clean and brand new. But it can often give the idea of ​​a cold, clinical dining room. To change that up, replace a clear glass kitchen island lighting idea with something smoky and choose a distressed table and mismatched chairs.

We love this trio of Upton pendant lights by Fritz Fryer which come with a choice of four metallic finishes, including antique brass.

To decorate your table, cut cuttings from your garden and use matching vases and even glass tumblers to house hand-cut herbs and flowers.

How to arrange a white dining room?

“The simplicity of the Scandi style uses natural materials, organic shapes and a soft palette to bring calm to open spaces,” says Helen Stone.

“Of all the looks designed for the way we live today, modern Nordic styling is a dream to add texture and interest to a minimalist aesthetic.

“At its heart are natural materials such as light wood, leather, jute and linen, and an emphasis on organic forms, base furniture, sculptural lighting and statement ceramics. “

“The warmth comes from the pale undertones of the plaster and chalky earth tones while touches of matte black provide a bold accent. Blond wood and suitable storage are everywhere, but there is a more indulgent softness here with woven fabrics, rattan and woven jute promising warmth and comfort.

“The layering of the accessories will make this look yours and you can afford to be bold. Look for interesting silhouettes and create families of mismatched lamps and ceramics that have a common profile or color palette ‘

“A mini art collection can be effective in this scheme, using bold graphic summaries or black-and-white framed photos to tell your story. Mix up sizes and formats to keep that relaxed and organic vibe. ‘


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